The Regular-Fashion Edition Monday, July 12, 2021

Apple And Gallaudet University Team Up To Put Deaf-Friendly Businesses On The Map: Literally, by Laken Brooks, Forbes

Bryce H. Chapman, the Director of Marketing at Gallaudet, has noticed that the Signing Ecosystem is already helping community members commute, shop, and study with more confidence: “We have developed a navigation system that will allow our students, alumni, and visitors to identify locations that are signing-friendly. This has already shifted some of our admissions and recruitment efforts; we are now able to share our guides with prospective students and their parents and families so they can quickly experience what it is like to live and interact here at Gallaudet and in its surrounding neighborhoods.”

How To Achieve Sustainable Remote Work, by Cal Newport, New Yorker

The rise and fall of ROWE at Best Buy suggests a worrying aspect of our return to in-person work: the degree to which we’re focussed on policy. How many workers can be remote? Which days must you be in the office? How will compensation differ depending on your location? The central lesson of Best Buy and ROWE is that policy is the easy part. If you want to radically change when and where work happens in your organization while still achieving results, you also have to change the very definition of “work” itself, moving it away from surveillance and visible busyness, and toward defined outcomes and trust. A culture change of this magnitude requires that you retrain employees and managers at all levels, both in an intensive initial push and then in a regular fashion into perpetuity.

Steve Jobs In Kyoto, by Saeki Kentaro, NHK World

Jobs' autograph now adorns the wall of Sushiiwa. It comes with a message: "All good things", a shortened version of the saying "All good things must come to an end."

"He might have been aware of when his life would end, since he passed away just one year later," says Ohnishi. "Maybe that's why he chose not to write the whole sentence, and only the first three words."

Stop Doomscrolling And Grab A Game Controller Instead, by Sam White, Wired

Gaming, handheld gaming in particular, satisfied my need for mental stimulation while physically scratching the itch of wanting to hold and look at my phone. It felt like a simple swap, but it had a huge impact on my mental health.

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I'm pretty sure I am nearer to the end than the beginning. I've had a lot of good things in the past years, but I am now going to try to maintain a higher ratio of good verus not-so-good things in my life.

My strategy is probably to say yes to new things, and to have more courage to say no to many other things.

Except that in these past one and half year, time has practically slowed down to a crawl for me. But I do believe I need to pick up the pace.

After all, there are only so many days left to enjoy all the good things.


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