The Privacy-of-Contacts Edition Sunday, July 18, 2021

Lots Of Apps Use Your Personal Contacts. Few Will Tell You What They Do With Them., by Heather Kelly, Washington Post

In the past, digital contacts haven’t drawn as much attention as other types of personal data that tech companies collect and share, such as your location information or browsing histories. But digital contacts contain valuable information about you and the people in your circle. Few major changes have been made to contacts’ privacy options on Android and iOS devices since 2012, when Apple first added an option to control what apps had access to them.

Inside The Industry That Unmasks People At Scale, by Joseph Cox, Motherboard

Tech companies have repeatedly reassured the public that trackers used to follow smartphone users through apps are anonymous or at least pseudonymous, not directly identifying the person using the phone. But what they don't mention is that an entire overlooked industry exists to purposefully and explicitly shatter that anonymity.

Apple Handing Out Ted Lasso Stickers At Retail Stores Ahead Of New Season, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

Ahead of the new season premiering on Apple TV+ this Friday, some Apple retail stores are giving out promotional sticker packs featuring Memoji of Ted Lasso.

Matter Smart Home Standard Explained: Here's Why Google, Apple And Amazon Are Backing It, by Kate Kozuch, Tom's Guide

Matter should help all these devices play nice with each other. You can expect Matter to roll out soon to the best smart lights, best smart locks, best smart thermostats and all other popular IoT devices. Here’s what that will mean for you, and for your smart home.

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Why don't Apple insert stickers in every product that they sell? Or is that deemed to environmentally-unfriendly?


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