The Animal-Overlays Edition Sunday, July 25, 2021

Charles River Math Trail Inspires Children To Think Creatively, by Ivy Scott, Boston Globe

Designed by the Charles River Conservancy and tech company MathTalk, in partnership with community members and the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the installation’s goal is to improve math literacy for low-income students while increasing opportunities to learn in nature, according to Keith Griffin, the lead organizer for family and community engagement at MathTalk.


Using augmented reality and the iPad‘s camera function, the app overlays images of animals and other objects onto the user’s surroundings, visible through the screen.


Hit The Road With These Travel-Planning Apps And Tricks, by David Nield, Wired

You probably already use your phone to get you from A to B as quickly as possible, but Google Maps, Apple Maps, and other apps can do much more than this—they can put together a proper itinerary for your next excursion, storing longer lists of places that you want to tick off on your travels.

7 Completely Ridiculous Apple Accessories That Are Still So Crave-worthy, by Tyler Hayes, Newsweek

Even the perfect product can be improved with a thoughtful third-party accessory. That's not to say Apple's iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or AirTag are perfect products, but they are great. Sometimes, however, they could use just a little something extra to make them work and fit into your specific circumstances even better. These products below are trying to do just that—to give Apple's products just a little bit more of an edge around how well they work for you.


I Finally Upgraded To AirPods — And I Was A Fool, by Philip Michaels, Tom's Guide

I'd like to say that's what pushed me to upgrade to AirPods. Or that it was the realization that spending $19 a pop to replace my damaged wired EarPods every so often was adding up. Or even that it was cruel Apple, refusing to include new earbuds with the iPhone 12, that finally forced my hand. But it wasn't any of those things.

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I initially feared about losing my AirPods when I started using them. I'd imagine wearing them during my daily commute on the subway, squeezing myself through the crowds that may or may not be in the same direction as me, accidentally knocking into someone and dropping one or both AirPods, and never be able to find them again.

Fortunately, that has never happened yet. I did dropped the AirPods before, on occasions, but typically that was when I was holding them wrong while pulling them out of the cases. The AirPods have never simply dropped out of my ears, lucky me.

Nowadays, the only time that I do use my wired EarPods is when I am in bed, about to go to sleep, listening to either audiobooks or BBC radio. My fear is that I will be falling asleep, and having the AirPods drop out of my ears and into my mouth.


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