The Enough-Hours Edition Sunday, August 1, 2021

As Life Gets Busier, It May Be Even More Important To Capture Every Minute, by Jan Risher, Acadiana Advocate

Closing the rings became routine until the world started opening back up again and I had obligations beyond my home. While I had made sure to check the rings, get the exercise and close the circles, one day earlier this year, I realized that life had gotten away from me. By early evening that day, my exercise, movement and standing rings were low. Almost frantically, I started exercising and moving. The problem was, there weren’t enough hours left in the day for me to hit the standing mark.


The Best Productivity Apps To Organise Your Life, by Adam Speight, Wired

For much of the past 18 months even our humble Google Calendar has been mostly bare. Now, though, might be just the time to get super organised to avoid any potential overwhelm. Maybe you're preparing to return to the office, maybe you're readjusting to having actual social plans again, or maybe you're just in limbo and want to use sorting your lives out – both digital and real – to get a handle on the second half of the year.

These are the apps, sites and platforms the WIRED team is using to sort out our social lives, get work done, order our ideas and notes and keep our homes running relatively smoothly. Most of the options on this list are completely free, with some offering added features in premium tiers.

Native Union Rise Dock Review: A Modern Throne For Your MagSafe Charger, by Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

It doesn't charge any different than the puck on its own, but the ability to prop up your iPhone and use it in landscape orientation is a great benefit for any desk or nightstand.

This MagSafe-compatible Desk Stand Keeps Your iPhone Ready To Go, by Ed Hardy, Cult of Mac

A stand like this is a huge improvement over a charging cable stretched across your desk. It’s easier to use and doesn’t look untidy.


Anti-Vax App Squares Off With Google, Apple Over Misinformation, by Jackie Davalos, Bloomberg

Apple requires all apps related to Covid-19 provide credible health and safety information and only come from recognized entities including government organizations, health-focused non-profits and medical or educational institutions.

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This week's episodes of both Ted Lasso and Schmigadoon! are so much fun. I wish Apple TV+ will continue to invest in comedies; I sure appreciate some cheering up and forgetfulness every week.


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