The Remember-the-Loss Edition Thursday, August 5, 2021

My Phone Doesn’t Realize My Mother Is Dead, by Karolina Waclawiak, BuzzFeed News

Forgetting isn’t the answer; that feels just as painful. It’s why I keep those live photos of my mother in my phone. Why I’ve held onto seconds of her voice. When I want to feel pain, to remember the loss of her, on my own terms, I have the catalysts at the ready. Because there are moments when I am gripped with fear that I will forget my mother’s voice altogether. Forget her.

The feeling is so acute that I refused to upgrade my phone for an entire year — even as it urgently reminded me that my memory was full and my apps kept crashing — because I was irrationally worried that I would lose the two voicemails from my mother that I do have. I called Apple tech support a few times to find out how safe the upgrade process was. Even after I emailed myself copies of the audio files and the transfer occurred without issue, I was still worried that I would do something to erase them forever. I was already living with the guilt of erasing my mother from my phone for years, trying to free up space for other photos I don’t even remember taking.


Apple Now Promoting Its Services With 'Exclusive Offers' For Apple Card Users, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Users have been noticing a new section in the Wallet app that offers special deals related to Apple’s own services for Apple credit card holders.

DaisyDisk 4 Review: An Elegant And Fun Way To Free Up Storage Space, by Chris Barylick, Macworld

No one ever said tracking down and eliminating all the stuff that was devouring space on your Mac would be pleasant, but DaisyDisk succeeds in making it pretty simple and actually somewhat fun.

iOS Admin App iMazing Offers Free Tool That Can Detect Pegasus Spyware, by Mike Peterson, AppleInsider

In version 2.14 of iMazing, the company has added a new "Spyware Detector" tool that's inspired by the Mobile Verification Toolkit created by Amnesty International.

3 Essential Accessories For Your New Apple Watch, by Alistair Charlton, T3

Just bought yourself a new Apple Watch? Well it’s time to pick up some accessories too. Apple itself sells a wide range of straps and other accessories like chargers, while for those looking for even more choice – or want to spend a little less – the third-party market is huge.


Apple Places Female Engineering Program Manager On Administrative Leave After Tweeting About Sexism In The Office, by Zoe Schiffer, The Verge

Apple has placed senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik on indefinite administrative leave after she tweeted about sexism in the office. The company is currently investigating claims Gjøvik made about a hostile work environment.

Apple's Store Update Takes Retail To The Metaverse, by Jonny Evans, Computerworld

The bottom line is that Apple now has a metaverse-friendly online store experience to provide a multi-device, and (via the web) multi-platform portal to the unique, customer-focused experiences its retail outlets are already famous for: tutorials, training, advice, and more.

The Subscription Buffet May Be Over, by Shira Ovide, New York Times

There are signs, however, that the all-you-can-eat digital subscriptions are becoming more nuanced. Some companies including Disney and Whole Foods, the grocery chain that is owned by Amazon, are charging subscribers more for compelling extras. Others including Spotify and YouTube are experimenting with subscriptions that cost less but come with compromises. Both strategies may show that the endless digital buffet is changing for good.

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We are probably the generation who started to have so many moments of our life documented, but we are also the generation who will have to figure out when we can start erasing these documentations.


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