The Hoops-Jumping Edition Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Interview: Apple’s Head Of Privacy Details Child Abuse Detection And Messages Safety Features, by Matthew Panzarino, TechCrunch

But even in the case where we’re talking about some attempt to change the system, it has a number of protections built in that make it not very useful for trying to identify individuals holding specifically objectionable images. The hash list is built into the operating system, we have one global operating system and don’t have the ability to target updates to individual users and so hash lists will be shared by all users when the system is enabled. And secondly, the system requires the threshold of images to be exceeded so trying to seek out even a single image from a person’s device or set of people’s devices won’t work because the system simply does not provide any knowledge to Apple for single photos stored in our service. And then, thirdly, the system has built into it a stage of manual review where, if an account is flagged with a collection of illegal CSAM material, an Apple team will review that to make sure that it is a correct match of illegal CSAM material prior to making any referral to any external entity. And so the hypothetical requires jumping over a lot of hoops, including having Apple change its internal process to refer material that is not illegal, like known CSAM and that we don’t believe that there’s a basis on which people will be able to make that request in the US. And the last point that I would just add is that it does still preserve user choice, if a user does not like this kind of functionality, they can choose not to use iCloud Photos and if iCloud Photos is not enabled no part of the system is functional.

There's A Small Crack In The iPhone Foundation But It Could Get A Lot Worse, by Jason Snell, Macworld

With its on-device CSAM scanner, Apple has built a tool carefully calibrated to protect user privacy. If building this tool enabled Apple to finally offer broader encryption of iCloud data, it might even be a net increase in user privacy.

But tools are neither good nor evil. Apple has built this tool for a good purpose, but every time a new tool is built, all of us need to imagine how it might be misused. Apple seems to have very carefully designed this feature to make it more difficult to subvert, but that’s not always enough.

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iOS 15 To Link AirPods With Your Apple ID As Part Of Find My Network, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Similar to AirTags, iOS 15 will use Bluetooth technology to precisely locate AirPods when you’re near them but don’t know exactly where the earphones are located. This feature will be available for both AirPods Pro and AirPods Max and will also show the current AirPods location on the map even when they’re not connected to your iPhone or iPad.


Apple And Olivia Rodrigo Encourage iPad Creativity On TikTok, by Michael Steeber, 9to5Mac

Inspired by Olivia Rodrigo’s track “Brutal,” TikTok followers are encouraged to create their own #BrutalMasks. Apple worked with artists including Braeden O’Brien, Designical, and fiona_art to create tutorials.

CleanShot X For Mac Updated With Support For Combining Multiple Screenshots Into One, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

With CleanShot X 3.9, the app is adding an option to combine multiple screenshots into one in Annotate.

The Lesson To Learn From Apple’s Tool To Flag Child Sex Abuse, by Brian X. Chen, New York Times

Over the last few years, I’ve embraced a hybrid approach of storing copies of my data online and offline so I can reap the benefits of the cloud but also retain independent ownership of my data. My efforts culminated in creating an online server at home, which is essentially a private cloud.

Here’s how I did that, along with other approaches to a hybrid approach for storing your data.


What’s The Point Of Apple TV Hardware?, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

An alternative response to Gurman’s “What’s the point of Apple TV?” question is just one word: privacy.

Apple Drops Intellectual Property Lawsuit Against Maker Of Security Tools, by Reed Albergotti, Washington Post

The terms of the settlement were confidential. An email from the Corellium sales team confirmed the company was still selling its virtual iOS devices.

Corellium co-founder Christopher Wade declined to comment for this story. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Part of my morning routine involves starting the electric kettle, adding the three-in-one coffee powder into my cup, putting a spoon into my cup, waiting for water to boil, and, finally, pouring water into cup.

This morning, I happily did all the above, but forgot to add coffee powder into my cup.

I hope this is not an omen for things to come. :-)


I listen to a lot of podcasts from the BBC, and it seems all BBC podcasts share the same three introduction clips, and almost all of the episodes have the same single advertisement at the end.

But: this is really not a complain. I don't pay UK's TV and Radio licensing fee, and I get to hear a whole ton of wonderful stuff from BBC. It's really a bargain, if you ask me.


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