The Summer-Days Edition Monday, August 16, 2021

Turn A Lunch Spot Into An Art Gallery? There's An App For That, by Mark Hayward, New Hampshire Union Leader

On these summer days, tech-loving millennials who work in the Manchester Millyard often turn to the Arms Park(ing lot), to take a break from creating the next world-saving invention.

They sit on a bench, walk above the Merrimack River or lounge on the tiny lawn. They nibble on their DoorDash delivered sandwich. The rush of this summer’s rain-swollen river provides relaxing white noise.

And from now until October, they can use their iPhone to convert their outdoor getaway into an art gallery.


Apple Teams Up With Kurt Fearnley For ‘Time To Walk Or Push’ Episode, by Brett Wadelton and Hamish Goodall, 7News

In the episode, which went live on Monday for Apple Fitness+ users, Fearnley talks about the first time he imagined a different kind of future for himself and why a gruelling journey took on unexpected meaning.

HoverBar Duo Stand Can Make Your iPad Even More Versatile, by Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide

Having the HoverBar Duo means you don’t have to hold the iPad in your hands and that it’s not pointing up your nose like it would if it was in a regular case stand.


Apple Committed To Donating Money To Haiti After Earthquake, Tim Cook Tweets, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

Haiti is facing another crisis after being struck by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake on Saturday killing at least 300 people and injuring over 1,800. Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted today that Apple will donate money to the country.

Apple Is As Big As A Country, And So Are The Threats To Its Existence, by Dan Moren, Macworld

So when Apple has reached a point—where, by some accounts, it is worth more than about 96 percent of the world—are those existential threats, if there are any, coming from? As it turns out, when you’ve reached the size of a country, those threats—perhaps unsurprisingly—often come from countries themselves. And those happen to be several of the biggest threats that Apple is facing at this very moment.

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I'll probably be going back to office -- at least partially -- soon.

Oh, but didn't I just do this, like earlier this year?

Of course, this time round, many of us are vaccinated.

But, I'm now hearing of booster shots requirements, and low vaccination rates around the world, and the looming gloom of further variants.

It must be pretty hard to be an optimist these days. (I'm not.)


Mankind can do a lot of wonderful things, but many men are horrible.


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