The Leading-Edge Edition Sunday, August 22, 2021

Throw Caution To The Wind, by Howard Oakley, Eclectic Light Company

A lot of Mac users like to live well away from the leading edge, and with good reason. As Apple prepares to release macOS 12 Monterey, if you’re still running Catalina, you might be tempted to remain one major release behind, and take this as the time to upgrade to Big Sur. If you do, I think you’re making a serious mistake: anyone ready to go beyond Mojave should now be preparing for Monterey, not Catalina or Big Sur. It’s a matter of balancing the costs and benefits.


How To Direct, Shoot, And Edit Powerful Portraits On iPhone, by Anete Lusina, PetaPixel

With the help of model Yvesmark Chery, Clennon shares his three main steps for achieving a striking portrait just using a smartphone, that can be repeated by any photographer who wants to add something different to their shots.

How To Create Fun Videos On Your iPhone With Apple's Clips App, by Grace Wu, MakeUseOf

Have you ever scrolled through your photo library and wanted to put those memories together in a fun video? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to edit videos, but don't have the time to try third-party apps? The solution could be right at your fingertips with Apple's native app, Clips.

11 Hiking Apps To Download Before You Hit The Trail, by Cecily Mauran, Mashable

Whether gathering supplies for a day hike or setting up camp for a while, these days savvy hikers are sure to pack their digital backpacks with apps to bring out the best in their treks.

Mous MagSafe-compatible Gear Review: A Whole Ecosystem Of Magnetic Accessories, by Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

MagSafe is coming to more and more accessories and cases these days. The Mous Limitless 4.0 lineup of cases, mounts, and wallets provide several attractive and premium options for users to adorn their iPhone 12 with that all support Apple's magnetic mounting system.

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Tomorrow, I'm going back to office, as I resume a partial back-to-office life. I hope the public transport commute will not be crowded, but that is probably unlikely. This is a small city with a large population.

In one week's time, a new subway line will open up near where I stay. I will be switching to the new line for my commute to office. I really hope this subway line will not be crowded.


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