The Transfer-Surroundings Edition Sunday, October 24, 2021

Hands-on: Portal Is An Immersive Spatial Audio App For Focus, Sleep, Or Escape, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

Portal aims to help you focus on a task, sleep better, or simply “escape” using the Spatial Audio technology and a pair of your favorite AirPods. It combines immersive sounds, visuals, and smart lighting to virtually transform existing surroundings and help you relax.

Apple's iPod Came Out Two Decades Ago And Changed How We Listen To Music. Where Are We Headed Now?, by Stuart James, The Conversation

The experience of listening to music will become increasingly immersive with time, and we’ll only find more ways to seamlessly integrate it into our lives.

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I've tried hard to really like SimCity, over the years. But there's one part of the game that prevented me from really liking it: the money-and-resource management. All I want to do is just play the fun part: design-and-build.

Which is why I (almost) purchased Townscaper immediately, and I've been having fun on my iPad since.

I really hope the developer doesn't have ambitions to make this to be yet another SimCity-like thing.


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