The T2-Bricks Edition Saturday, November 6, 2021

Apple Rolls Out Fix For macOS Monterey Bug That Bricked Some Macs With The T2 Chip, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple says it has identified an issue affecting the T2 security chip that caused this issue and is rolling out a fix to prevent it from happening in the future. [...] Users already impacted by the problem are instructed to contact Apple support.

The iPhone 13 Screen Is A Repair Nightmare That Could Destroy Repair Shops Forever, by Matthew Gault, Jason Koebler, Motherboard

A tweak to the iPhone’s repairability that has been long prophesied and feared has finally come to pass, giving staggering new urgency for legislation that makes repair more accessible: The iPhone 13’s screen cannot be replaced without special software controlled by Apple. This is a devastating blow to independent repair shops, who make the vast majority of their money doing screen replacements, and, specifically, make the vast majority of their money doing iPhone screen replacements.


Duolingo Review: A Fun, Functional Approach To Learning A Language, by Shelby Brown, CNET

The app employs bite-sized lessons that include speaking, listening, reading and writing to teach you a new language or brush up on a secondary language. Lessons are also gamified, which means they offer rewards and other benefits for making progress, giving you more incentive to keep learning.


Apple Hires Tesla’s Autopilot Software Director For Car Effort, by Mark Gurman and Dana Hull, Bloomberg

The iPhone maker tapped Christopher “CJ” Moore for its team working on a self-driving car, according to people with knowledge of the matter. [...] The move suggests Apple is plowing ahead with attempts to develop self-driving technology, a high-stakes race with automakers such as Tesla.

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All the rumored new product lines from Apple -- the car and the glasses -- are all things that I really do not want.

As for all the existing non-pro products, I already have the phone, the tablet, and the computer. I am waiting for the price of Watch SE to drop further and for always-on display to arrive before I consider getting it.


I wonder if there are anything that can happen (or not happen) for Apple to abandon its car project?


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