The Bond-with-Anything Edition Monday, December 6, 2021

Apple Discontinued The One Thing That Got Me Through The Pandemic, by Alexis Nedd, Mashable

These days Siri on the Mini wishes me "Good Morning" and tells me the weather, but I still go to Siri on my original HomePod for cooking help, depression shower timers, and everything else for which I've come to rely on it for. It's an odd dynamic, but with three of us in the apartment I'm sure we can figure this out. Humans, after all, will pack bond with anything.

If You Ask Me, Your New iPhone 13 Doesn't Really Need A Case, by Sareena Dayaram, CNET

Here's what I'm enjoying: the lightness, thinness, portability and in-hand feel. I'm also appreciating that I can now take advantage of Back Tap more easily.

Apple iPhone 13 Rebates Fail To Deliver For Some Buyers, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Getting the trade-in credit from Apple was instantaneous when I bought the phone at a store. But it wasn’t so easy receiving the rebate money from my carrier—an experience other consumers have struggled with as well.


This Distraction-free Editor Is The Best Writing Tool You Aren’t Using, by Jared Newman, Fast Company

With Typora, there are no ugly toolbars, superfluous collaboration options, or clumsy menus between you and your work, and the app works entirely offline. I first discovered Typora five years ago and have used it to write more than a thousand articles and newsletters since then.

"Let It Snow" Feature Returns To Apple Store App, by David Becker, Appleosophy

The feature that has returned to the Apple Store app this holiday season is “let it snow.” When you type this into the search area of the app, you can see little snowflakes appear on the screen while you are shopping in the app.

Turn Your Apple TV Into A Charming Fireplace With Christmas Music For The Holidays, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

My favorite is an oldie but a goodie that pre-dates the 4K Apple TV, but it’s simple and charming with an icon that doesn’t hurt my eyes.


How Publishers Are Using Read-Later Apps To Reach Audiences, by Mark Stenberg, AdWeek

The 14-year-old company, which was acquired by Mozilla in 2017, has received something of a facelift in the last year––its updated design now emphasizes discovery––due in part to a rising interest in the read-later space.

Driven by the increasingly-fragmented nature of consumption, readers now routinely encounter articles on a dozen different platforms in a given day. This has made Pocket’s basic utility as a storage locker for users’ bookmarked content more vital, said CEO Matt Koidin. Sensing opportunity, new entrants, such as Matter and Upnext, have entered the space.

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Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite activities nowadays, and it is one of the very few medium that I accept being exposed to advertisements...

... except that there are some podcasts whose advertisement are just other podcasts.

Don't they realize I already subscribed to too many podcasts and too time?


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