The Visual-Performance Edition Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Apple Added An Orange Dot That's A Showstopper For Live Visuals - And It Needs A Fix, by Peter Kirn, CDM

In the interest of security and privacy, Apple on macOS Monterey has added a prominent orange dot to display outputs when audio capture is active. That renders their machines unusable for live visual performance, though, since it’s also shown on external displays. Dear macOS team – we urgently need a fix here.

Apple Has An AirTag Problem, by Matt Binder, Mashable

Mashable reached out to the police department of the major metropolitan city local to Jeana. In an email, they informed Mashable that "there isn't currently a category for Apple Air Taggings" within their database. The fact that these unwanted "Air Taggings" are growing, yet still so new that data regarding their usage isn't being tracked itself is certainly concerning.


Reduce Distractions With Notification Summaries, by Josh Centers, TidBITS

Do you find yourself continually pinged and buzzed by iPhone apps that just have to notify you of something? If that annoys you—but you do want to see most notifications eventually, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 have introduced new features to help tame the constant stream. One of those features is Notification Summary, which bundles notifications together into summaries so you’re not bothered throughout the day but you also don’t miss any.

Apple Rolls Out New Updated 3D Maps For Philadelphia, by Amber Neely, AppleInsider

Landmarks include locations such as the Fisher Fine Arts Library, the 30th Street Station, One Liberty Place, Philadelphia City Hall, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Loopy Pro Breaks Down Audio Barriers For Musicians (Again), by Charlie Sorrel, Lifewire

Loopy Pro is a successor to Loopy, the live performance app made famous by Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel’s looped, acapella duet in 2014. It’s an app that lets you record and loop audio tracks, add effects, and arrange them on a timeline. Loopy utterly changed how music was made, bringing the fluidity of live performance to studio production; Loopy Pro does the same for iOS. One person made the app, which is the norm for iOS music-making apps. The trend has led to a fertile, experimental playground that is nothing like the old desktop way of doing things.


Apple Sues Ericsson Over 'Strong-arm' Tactics In 5G Patent Negotiations, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple is firing back at Ericsson amid an ongoing dispute over pricing for patent licensing in regards to technology “critical” for mobile telecommunications. This comes after Ericsson sued Apple in the same court, accusing the company of negotiating in “bad faith.”

The Clapper Was A Joke. Alexa Is Having The Last Laugh., by Charles Rice, Slate

Now that we converse with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, and adjust just about anything in our homes remotely via a smartphone, The Clapper’s claims to convenience seem quaint. Yet it shouldn’t simply be seen as an outmoded novelty. As the patents registering its design reveal, it is part of a chain of innovation in automation and sensing technology that has culminated in today’s smart home.

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I haven't encounter my Safari bug -- where titles go disappearing on the tab bar -- since I've updated to Monterey 12.1.

So, I've tried out Tab Groups again. Still haven't figure out a good way to fit this new feature into my workflow, and I've removed all my tab groups for now.

Perhaps the fact that I'm using multiple browsers -- Safari, Firefox, and Edge -- for different work and projects may have something to do with me not figuring out tab groups?


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