The Legitimate-Alternative Edition Saturday, December 25, 2021

All I Want For Christmas Is Apple Arcade, by Gerald Lynch, TechRadar

At pocket-change prices for a monthly subscription, it’s totally upended the way I play games. And, paired with ever-more powerful iPhone and iPad hardware and a growing market of iOS game controllers to link them with, after many years of trying Apple finally offers a legitimate alternative to rivals like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Yes, your first console should be a Switch, PS5 or Xbox Series X. But your second? With Apple Arcade, it should be the iPhone in your pocket.

Google Fit For iOS Can Measure Heart & Respiratory Rates Using Just Your iPhone's Cameras, by Abner Li, 9to5Google

At the start of this year, Google rolled out the ability to track key vitals directly on your Android device. Google Fit on iPhone has now quietly received the same ability to measure your heart and respiratory rate using just cameras.

Apple's App Store Broke Competition Laws, Dutch Watchdog Says, by Stephen Nellis, Anthony Deutsch, Bart Meijer and Sabahatjahan Contractor, Reuters

The Netherlands' top competition regulator on Friday said Apple Inc broke the country's competition laws and ordered changes to the iPhone maker's App Store payment policies.


An investigation by the Netherlands' Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) on whether Apple's practices amounted to an abuse of a dominant market position was launched in 2019. But it was later reduced in scope to focus primarily on dating market apps, including Tinder owner Match Group Inc.

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One more week to year number three. And one more week before I start returning to office (again) partially. Unless, you know, u-turn.

Meanwhile, I am bingeing on a ten-year-old soap opera. (Downton Abbey.)

Merry Christmas.


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