The Without-Feeling-like-a-Narcissist Edition Sunday, December 26, 2021

How To Take A Slick, Professional Headshot With Your Phone, by Claire Sibonney, Wired

Because smartphone cameras are getting better every year, with bigger sensors, multiple lens options, powerful AI, and high dynamic range (HDR) software, all you really need are a phone and natural light. Phone cameras can even achieve a shallow depth of field that separates you from the background by blurring it out (either through advanced manual settings or dumbed-down “portrait modes”), so you can transform a selfie into a professional-looking self-portrait.

To help you plan the perfect shot, we talked to award-winning portrait and editorial photographers and digital creators for tips on how to find your best light, backgrounds, and poses—without feeling like a narcissist.

The Best Indie Games You May Have Missed In 2021, by Joshua Khan, Wired

Sometimes it’s all about the journey. Over the past decade, indie developers introduced us to the voices (and hamsters) living inside their heads. In 2021, they demonstrated how complete bodies of work can hit new highs in innovation when everything clicks.

Nostalgic Gaming: How Playing The Video Games Of Your Youth Reconnects You To Yourself, by Josh Nicholas, The Guardian

While music and literature has long been well-preserved, and constantly re-released, games weren’t like this. For years our favourite games were inaccessible because they were non-interoperable: the cartridges didn’t work on other devices, and old computer games wouldn’t run on newer operating systems.

Playing them was only possible thanks to a handful of dedicated individuals, often anonymous, who remade or ported them to work on current systems.

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I am thankful that it is much more safer to go outside today than last year. I am thankful that many people I know are re-uniting with their families. I am thankful that there are people I know are taking vacations.

I hope you have a good Christmas weekend. I am hoping year #3 will be better than the first two.


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