The Old-Laptops Edition Wednesday, December 29, 2021

How To Rescue Your Photos From An Old Computer, by Lisa Rabasca Roepe, Wired

My situation isn’t unique. “This is a common issue, especially for millennials who've owned multiple laptops,” says Jessica Carrell, cofounder of AnySoftwareTools, a tech site that offers computer tips and how-to tutorials. “Many of us don't realize there is valuable data stored in our old laptops.”

Fortunately, there are easier methods to recover those old photos—and to save them so you can share them with friends and family today. Here are some of them.

In 2021, We Told Apple: Don't Scan Our Phones, by Joe Mullin, Electronic Frontier Foundation

It’s understandable that companies don’t want users to misuse their cloud-based systems, including using them to store illegal images. No one wants child exploitation material to spread. But rolling back commitments to encryption isn’t the answer. Abandoning encryption to scan images against a government database will do far more harm than good.


Smart Playlist App 'Next' Now Available On Mac Thanks To Catalyst, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

The app focuses on helping users discover more about their music library with automatically generated dynamic playlists.


Tumblr Goes Overboard Censoring Tags On iOS To Comply With Apple’s Guidelines, by Emma Roth, The Verge

Tumblr says it has to “extend the definition of what sensitive content is” to “remain available within Apple’s App Store,” and it seems that Tumblr stretched it pretty far.

Apple Gives Top Engineers Bonuses Up Of $180,000 To Curtail Defections To Meta, Other Rivals, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Last week, the company informed some engineers in silicon design, hardware and select software and operations groups of the out-of-cycle bonuses, which are being issued as restricted stock units, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The shares vest over four years, providing an incentive to stay at the iPhone maker.

Apple Maps Team Members Receive Unique Thank You Gift, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple recently sent a unique gift to some employees working on the Maps team, according to a LinkedIn post shared on Reddit. The gift package includes some custom Apple Maps pins, stickers, and imagery, along with a small card thanking employees for their contributions to the Maps app.

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Isn't it almost time for Apple to announce new products at Macworld Expo? I want a blue Macbook Air.



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