The Side-Projects Edition Monday, January 3, 2022

Just How Big In Media Does Apple Want To Be?, by The Economist

Apple’s TV business depends on buying shows, rather than extracting rents from others’ creations as it did in the iTunes days (and as it still does in its app store). And the “lock-in” effect on consumers is weak, since Apple’s main media services are available on all platforms.

Apple’s renewed interest in media is best explained by the transformation in the company’s scale, which radically changes the calculation of which side-projects are worthwhile.

The Tech Industry's Accessibility Report Card For 2021, by C. Low, Engadget

By holding them accountable, we have a better chance of seeing widespread change in the way tech thinks about inclusive design. Here’s how Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta (formerly Facebook) and more did to improve the accessibility of their products and services in 2021.

Apple, Please Don't Overthink Your Next External Display, by Parker Ortolani, 9to5Mac

I fear that Apple is overthinking their external display strategy. Not every Apple customer is making multi-million dollar movies or editing professional photography. I know that we’ve all been talking about this for years now, but the answer to this problem is staring us right in the face.

Looking For A Way To Up Your Wellness Routine? Try This Buzzy App, by Natalia Lusinski, The Zoe Report

Whether you want to meditate more, journal, increase your productivity, or even make a vision board on your phone, there’s an app for that.

Bottom of the Page

Personally, I like the comedies on Apple TV+ better than the drama offerings. My favorite, so far, is Trying. But I've also enjoyed Dickinson, Mythic Quest, Schmigadoon!, and, everyone else's favorite, Ted Lasso.

(I've given up half-way-through on three different drama series. The major disappointment was Amazing Stories.)

Probably things have changed, but I do hope all these streaming services stop chasing for the next Game of Thrones. Where is the next Downton Abbey? (The Crown?)

By the way, what happened to "The Problem with Jon Stewart"? Did Apple cancel the show after just four episodes? Or is the show on hiatus? Is hiatus a thing on streaming television?


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