The Make-It-Happen Edition Monday, January 10, 2022

The Smart Home Standard Matter Was A Star At CES 2022 — Now It's Time To Deliver, by Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, The Verge

It seems like there is significant momentum, minimal in-fighting (that we’ve seen), and a clear directive from the consumer and direction for the manufacturers and platforms: We want smart home products to work together. Now make it happen.

Spotify HiFi Delayed Indefinitely As Company Says It Has No 'Timing Details To Share', by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Spotify HiFi is still nowhere to be found as that deadline has come and gone. Now, the company has provided a new “update” on the matter, and it doesn’t instill much hope.

Remember When Apple Seemed To Know About Their Own Products?, by Tiernan Ray, ZDNet

None of these are other than first-world problems, I realize. But for a three-trillion-dollar first-world company, the biggest one in the entire world, in fact, it would seem that having a deep knowledge of all your products within, say, the last decade, would be part of the culture, especially in areas of support and retail relations.

Apple Under Fire Over iPhone Encryption Tech, by Ben Woods

and James Titcomb, The Telegraph

Some of Europe's biggest mobile operators want the European Commission to stop Apple using "private relay" on the grounds that it will also prevent them from managing their networks.


The letter sent in August and signed by the chief executives of the four operators said they expected Apple would be classed as a "digital gatekeeper" under the EU digital markets act, which has the potential to stop services such as private relay.

The AI Software That Could Turn You In To A Music Star, by Padraig Belton, BBC

If you have ever dreamed of earning money from a stellar music career but were concerned you had little talent, don't let that put you off - a man called Alex Mitchell might be able to help.

Mr Mitchell is the founder and boss of a website and app called Boomy, which helps its users create their own songs using artificial intelligence (AI) software that does most of the heavy lifting.

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