The Always-be-Learning Edition Sunday, February 13, 2022

Good Night, Sweet Printer, by Andrés Martinez, Slate

The old on/off analog binary has faded thanks to breakthroughs in energy management and efficiency, which at least in theory allow for devices to remain on call at a fraction of the energy required to keep them fully “on.” But the rationale for never turning things off will continue to shift toward an even loftier one. Those devices surrounding you will need to stay on even when not being used, in various states of repose, because they will always be learning. And this is mostly a good thing, improving our lives, though I also worry it adds to our sense of disquiet about how and whether we can ever turn ourselves off for stretches of time.

Is Your iPhone Case Damaging The Battery?, by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet

As I said, this is unscientific, but it seems that Apple is correct when it says that cases can cause iPhones to overheat by preventing them from cooling properly.

Is this contributing to battery wear? Quite possibly.

AirTags Are A Growing Headache For Apple Amid Disturbing Reports Of Tracking, by Sara Boboltz, HuffPost

But as anyone who’s used Bluetooth speakers can attest, the technology can be spotty. Sam tried to follow the prompts on her phone to force the two AirTags following her to make a noise, but they were unable to connect to play the sound.


Her phone later showed that the AirTags had stopped following her at around 4 a.m., capping a three-hour ordeal. She suspects the phone case but has no way of knowing for sure.


PSA: There's A 'New iCloud Terms & Conditions' Bug On The Mac – And You Can't Do Anything About It, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

For the past few weeks, some users have been complaining about a “New iCloud Terms & Condition” bug that needs you to accept iCloud’s terms and conditions over and over again.

The Best Apps To Organise Your Life, by Paul Little, New Zealand Herald

Whether you're a cog in a big corporate wheel or someone working on their own at home, we've assembled a list of apps, advice and adages to help keep work and life in order.

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