The Shrinking-Subset Edition Monday, February 21, 2022

Is Apple's My Photo Stream Dead? No, But Its Days Are Numbered, by Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

You can find posts on Apple and third-party forums dating back as long as a few years asking why it went away without explanation from their settings.

Apple has not made any formal announcement about ending My Photo Stream but it has effectively limited its use in ways that make it available only to a shrinking subset of iCloud users.

I Tried Setting Time Limits On My Screentime - Did It Work?, by Ellen Scott, Metro

If you’re strong enough to resist the ‘ignore’ button urge and will actually stick to your own targets, limits on apps and Downtime are a great shout.

If not, they at least make you a little more conscious of what you’re doing, which has to be a good thing.

But for me, I’ve realised I need stronger methods to stem the tide of tweets and stories. I’ll keep my App Limits and Downtime schedule, but I’m going to start chucking my phone in a drawer when I hit the limits.


Popular Drag-and-Drop Mac App 'Yoink' Gains Configurable Clipboard History Widget And Browser, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

Popular Mac drag-and-drop app Yoink received a substantial update on Monday that brings back a much-improved Yoink clipboard history widget with several highly configurable features.

KeyCue 10.0, by Agen Schmitz, TidBITS

Ergonis has released KeyCue 10, a major new release for the keyboard shortcut and emoji cheat sheet utility that not only shows existing shortcuts but also now enables you to assign your own keyboard shortcuts on the fly.

GraphicConverter 11.6, by Agen Schmitz, TidBITS

The update adds a lens geometry effect (Panorama to Fish Eye) and an effect to remove drop shadows from screenshots.

Faber Launches The Waste Land App On iPhone, by Ruth Comerford, The Bookseller

The app offers a variety of features to help readers engage with the poem, including interactive notes, facsimile pages and readings synchronised to the text by Eliot himself, as well as Ted Hughes, Viggo Mortensen and others. It also hosts a filmed video performance of the entire poem by actor Fiona Shaw, directed by Adam Low.


Why Apple, Amazon And Google Are Uniting On Smart-home Tech, by Shara Tibken, Wall Street Journal

That’s not to say the companies supporting Matter won’t try to lock you in somehow. Matter defines basic functionality, but advanced features will still be linked to companies—like how AirPods work better with Apple devices.

Unboxing The Apple Effect: The Undisputed Champions Of Product Launches, by Dan Hall, The Drum

Fundamentally, Apple succeeds by keeping things simple. It uses the same key principles to launch its products every year with such consistency that its loyal consumer base knows what to expect and is never disappointed. Continuity and slavish adherence to its mission statement is communicated every time.

While famed for innovation, Apple is also not afraid to take others’ ideas and make them better. It is happy to build its brand in its own way, connecting its launches in subtle ways to the industry, but never falling in line. It has a vision and it believes in it – which is why others do too.

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Were there any doubts that Apple will be release a boatload of Mac computers this year? Except for the MacBook Pro, there are still gaps in every Mac lines, and Apple will need to fill them in this year to meet the self-imposed two-year deadline.

Now, the more interesting question (at least, to me) is what Apple will do to the gaps between models? The 13-inch MacBook Pro is one of the major question. Do Apple continue to provide a low-cost not-really-worth-it laptop computer to plug the price difference between the most expensive MacBook Air and the least expensive 14-inch MacBook Pro, or will it add an even-higher-end MacBook Air this year? Or can it introduce a more meaningful less expensive MacBook Pro?

What about an even lower-cost Mac? Just like the iPad exists alongside with the iPad Air and iPad Mini, can there be something that can beat the MacBook Air and Mac Mini in the price department?

And, of course, everyone's favorite: will there finally be a mini-tower?

Now that Apple controls the chips inside Mac computers, it can definitely provide a wider range of computers that is not limited by what an Intel chip can and cannot do. Question is: will it?


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