The Digital-Footprint Edition Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Who Is Policing The Location Data Industry?, by Alfred Ng and Jon Keegan, The Markup

Workers in the location data industry told The Markup that data brokers are increasingly collecting data directly from app developers instead of relying on SDKs, which often leave a digital footprint. And it’s unclear how Apple and Google could even monitor how apps are sharing and selling data once they obtain it.

Apple's Latest Women's Health Study Results Focus On PCOS, by C. Low, Engadget

According to co-principal investigator Dr. Shruthi Mahalingaiah, "The Apple Women’s Health Study is one of the first studies where we can look at the connection between menstrual health, polycystic ovary syndrome, and heart health at a population level.”

Mahalingaiah also said "Despite the association between PCOS and heart-related conditions, historically, research studies about heart health have not included information about menstrual cycles," adding that the study "is important for having a better understanding of PCOS and its health impacts, including for people with PCOS and those that might have PCOS, but do not know.”


Best Running Phone Holders To Carry Your Tech On The Run, by Hollie Sick, Tom's Guide

Often, the main requirement when it comes to finding the best running phone holder is a carrier you can set in place, and forget for the entire run. You don’t want to worry about your phone chafing your arm, or bouncing against you as you move. All of the carriers on this list are adjustable, and we tested them on the run, in different weather conditions, using an iPhone 11 in a phone case.

The Beatles Compilation Album '1' Has Been Remastered For Apple Music Spatial Audio, by I. Bonifacic, Engadget

Fans of the fab four, take note. Apple has uploaded a new version of the band’s 1 compilation album that includes support for spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. First released in 2000, 1 brings together nearly every number-one single the Beatles released between 1962 and their breakup in 1970.


Tim Cook Pens Essay In Italian Magazine Focused On Healthcare, Innovation, And Privacy, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook has penned an in-depth essay for the first edition of the Italian magazine Login from Corriere della Sera. In the essay, Cook says that the current generation has a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape the future we want to live.”

Bottom of the Page

What is Apple's goal here? Is Apple trying to hit a $1300-ish price point for a laptop, or is Apple trying to hit a $1300-ish price point for a 'pro' laptop?

Or, put in the other way, does the 13-inch MacBook pro 'deserves' the Pro moniker because of the technology inside the machine, or because of the attractiveness of its label outside?

I think the answer is obvious -- at least based on the current iteration. And if the next iteration is not going to bring significant differentiation, Apple should let it be an Air rather than a Pro.


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