The Escalating-Fight Edition Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Apple Hires Anti-union Lawyers In Escalating Union Fight, by Zoe Schiffer, The Verge

Apple is working with anti-union lawyers at Littler Mendelson in an escalating fight with retail workers in Atlanta who have filed for a union election. Though the company has not publicly stated its stance on Apple Stores unionizing, the move sends a strong signal that it plans to oppose workers organizing for better pay and working conditions.

Japan Panel Backs Possibility Of New Regulations On Smartphone OS Developers, by The Japan Times

The council said that the government will consider ways to prohibit acts that could have a negative impact on competition, without being bound by limits under current regulations.


In response, Apple lodged a protest the same day, saying in a statement, "We respectfully disagree with a number of conclusions" in the government report. Apple added that it is facing "intense competition in every business segment" in which it operates.


iPad Mini Review: A Compact, Modern Design And Fast Performance Make A Perfect Balance Of Tablet Power And Portability, by Antonio Villas-Boas, Business Insider

That designation of "perfect" is subjective, to be sure — the iPad Mini and its 8.3-inch screen might be too small for some. On the other hand, the standard iPad and its 10.2-inch screen might be too large for others.

What's objective, however, is that the iPad Mini still offers a bigger screen than any phone I know about, thus fulfilling its purpose as a tablet. It's also incredibly light and portable, making it the easiest tablet to carry around anywhere — much easier than the comparatively bulky and cumbersome 10.2-inch iPad.

Gentler Streak For Apple Watch Improves Heart Rate Monitoring, Adds Widgets For iPhone App, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

Gentler Streak is an Apple Watch workout app that wants to bring compassion to your fitness goals.


How Apple Can Make Sunday Ticket Work, by Gavin Bridge, Variety

When eyed through the lens of a content acquisition and not as a distinctive sell-on business, Apple’s purported Sunday Ticket gain is a smart play. It will give Apple TV+ instant credibility in millions more homes and also help sate Apple’s desire to be seen as a force in the sports world, matching Amazon in a key part of entertainment.

While the two companies compete for prestigious movie and TV awards for high-end content, sports is a way to be relevant to the masses and there’s no greater sport in the U.S. to achieve that than the NFL.

It's Time For Apple To Bring Back Safari For Windows, by Corbin Davenport, XDA

There are reasons beyond the health of the open web for Apple to port Safari to more platforms. There are millions of people that use an iPhone or iPad, but use Windows PCs instead of Mac computers. Keeping Safari exclusive to macOS might encourage some of those people to buy a Mac, but Safari on Windows (and other platforms) could also act as a loss leader that encourages future Apple hardware purchases — much like the original iTunes for Windows nearly two decades ago.

Used Device Retailer's Creepy Campaign Saw It AirDrop Ads To Apple Stores, by Oliver Haslam, iMore

A used device retailer used AirDrop to send ads to iPhones in Apple Stores in an attempt to get buyers to go refurbished instead of buying new. Apple Stores in London, Paris, and Berlin were bombarded with the AirDropped link that opened a Black Market website.

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I think Apple will bring Safari to Android first before it even considers brining Safari back to Windows. It definitely looks like in Apple's mind, Windows is a dying platform, not deserving of any significant new development. Look at Apple TV app: available everywhere (even Xbox!), except Windows.

Oh, and Apple is never bringing Safari to Android.


When you are rebranding your app with a single letter, try not to use the letter X, because that has become a cliché. But, there is something, obviously, worse than the letter X: the letter Z.

(Well, it was not too obvious for at least one company.)


Is there a betting pool on when Twitter will have a higher tweet limitation of 420 characters?


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