The Best-Policy Edition Sunday, May 8, 2022

Pages 12: Apple’s Excellent Free Word Processor, by Bill Bennett, Scoop

If you live and work exclusively with Apple devices Pages 12 is potentially the best word processor for your needs. There are simpler alternatives, Markdown editors are a good choice if you crave simplicity and minimalism. And there are more complex alternatives, Word had more features.

Yet for many users Pages 12 is a solid choice and it is free.

Apple's Director Of Machine Learning Resigns Due To Return To Office Work, by Sami Fathi, MacRumors

Apple’s director of machine learning, Ian Goodfellow, has resigned from his role a little over four years after he joined the company after previously being one of Google’s top AI employees, according to The Verge’s Zoë Schiffer.


"I believe strongly that more flexibility would have been the best policy for my team," Goodfellow said in the email.

First U.S. Apple Store Union Election Is Set For Early June, by Alexandra Garfinkle, Yahoo

The first-ever U.S. union election at an Apple retail store is slated for early June.

Apple retail workers in Atlanta released a statement in the aftermath of filing for a union election. Those workers, who are all at Apple’s Cumberland Mall location in Atlanta, are situated in the wake of the Amazon Labor Union’s historic victory about a month ago – and they’ve been inspired by that, said Sydney Rhodes, a worker and union member.

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I'm glad that many things are back to 'normal' here in Singapore, even though many people are still telling us that the pandemic is not over yet. The major difference is that masks are still mandatory at most indoor places.

Oh, and we are going back to office 'just' three days a week.

And that I have lost the desire to eat out -- where it's usually noisy and full of people and introvert-unfriendly.


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