The Trademark-Filing Edition Sunday, May 29, 2022

'realityOS' Trademark Filing Hints At Possible WWDC Announcement, by Sami Fathi, MacRumors

Ahead of WWDC kicking off in a little over one week, interesting trademark filing details for “realityOS,” the name for Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset operating system, have been resurfaced online, offering a clue as to what Apple may have in store to share at this year’s conference.


“realityOS” was accidentally referenced by Apple in App Store update logs earlier this year, confirming its existence in some capacity. rOS, short for realityOS, was first reported by Bloomberg in 2017 with the internal codename “Oak.”

Apple Store Showdown: Inside The Battle For Union Representation, by Tripp Mickle, New York Times

In May, store managers increased their counteroffensive, posting a letter in the break room from an employee of the Grand Central Terminal store who expressed opposition to unions, Mr. Bowles said.


Managers also included anti-union comments in their morning briefings of staff, according to a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board. In a statement to reporters about the meetings, Mr. Bowles said Apple was “putting its thumb on the scale.”

The pressure has divided employees. On a recent Sunday evening at the Cumberland Mall store, about 15 employees in blue T-shirts with a white Apple logo attended to customers browsing rows of colorful watchbands. None of the employees wore a “Stronger Together” bracelet.

Inventor Of Brain Injury App Wins Second Young Innovators Prize, by Robin McKie, The Guardian

Identical twins Luke and Ellis Parry were studying engineering at Oxford in 2012 when Luke suffered a devastating brain injury after falling from a balcony. Doctors told Ellis that his brother only had hours to live.

A decade later, Luke is now in work and is training to be a Paralympic athlete. Much of this remarkable recovery is due to his own strength of character, although his recuperation has also been helped by his brother. Ellis has set up Neumind, a company developing a next-generation app to help individuals with neurological conditions live independent lives.

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Is this why there will be a WWDC viewing party over at Apple Park? You will not just be watching a video at Steve Jobs' Theatre. Rather, you will be right in the metav... I mean.... Appleverse, and you can hold you hands out and touch Tim Cook.

(Not that you should touch Tim Cook.)


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