The Developer-Memoji Edition Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Apple Announces 2022 Apple Design Awards Finalists Ahead Of WWDC Event, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

With less than a week to go until the event, Apple has now revealed which apps are the finalists that will compete for the award in the following categories: Inclusivity, Delight and Fun, Interaction, Social Impact, Visuals and Graphics, and Innovation.

Apple Opens Applications For WWDC 'Digital Lounges', by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

Launched on Tuesday, the WWDC 2022 Digital Lounges are being billed as a way for attendees to talk to "Apple engineers and designers throughout the week," as a way for Apple to make the virtual conference more interactive to participants.

The Apple employees will host "text-based Q&As, session watch parties with the presenters, community icebreakers, and more" in each of the lounges.

Apple Teases WWDC 2022 With AR Memoji Card Pack Easter Egg, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

We’re just under one week away from WWDC 2022 kicking off and Apple has continued its tradition of augmented reality Easter eggs as it has listed the keynote on its Events landing page. The latest AR surprise features a virtual card pack you can open to reveal special developer Memoji.

On Security

The Underground Company That Hacks iPhones For Ordinary Consumers, by Joseph Cox, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai, Motherboard

“Activation Lock,” a message displayed across the iPhone’s screen read. “This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID and password that were used to set up this iPhone.”


Now, an underground group is offering people a way to strip that lock from certain iPhones with its pay-for-hacking service. iOS security experts suspect it is being used to remove protections from stolen iPhones. The hacking group called offering the service, which lifts its name from a popular free-to-use jailbreak, insists its tool cannot be used by thieves.


Huge New Djay iOS Update Means You Can Mix Tracks From Anywhere, Anytime, by Oliver Haslam, iMore

The new djay 4.0 update is now available in the App Store and promises to give DJs the ability to run full analog turntables and mixers using nothing more than their iPhone.

Nomad’s $40 Leather Siri Remote Case Comes With A Discreet AirTag Pocket, by Emma Roth, The Verge

The case leaves the front of the remote totally open, so it may not be the best option if you’re looking for something to protect the device from spills or falls. It makes up for that in style, though — removing the solid brown backing reveals a discreet pocket where you can place an AirTag.

Gamevice For iPad Review: Who Needs A Steam Deck, Anyway?, by Kyle Bradshaw, 9to5Mac

With the absolute wealth of AAA and indie games available through streaming services, the iPad you already have is perfectly ready to fill the role of a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch in your life — and with a much better screen and battery life to boot!

How The iPad Brought Me Back To The Year 2000, The PlayStation 2 Days, by Rado Minkov, Phone Arena

So, what better way to relive those old PS2 games that required a loud, disk-spinning console and a giant, heavy TV of questionable picture quality… than on a thin, light, quiet, futuristic device like the iPad Pro? Or... whichever model you have.

You'll just need a few things to get started – namely a supported gamepad, and of course, money to buy those games with, some of which are pretty expensive in the App Store. Because certain game publishers know how much nostalgia means to many of us, and how much we're willing to pay in order to feel some things. And they're not ashamed to exploit it! But then again… it works, right? Can't really hold it against you, Square Enix. Well, maybe a little.


Apple Music Has Betrayed Its Most Loyal Listeners, by Jason Snell, Macworld

As pointed out by my former Macworld colleague Jim Dalrymple, Apple has taken to inserting ads into its “ad-free” on-demand radio stations. Yes, they’re ads for other Apple Music radio shows, but does it matter? The fact remains that if you listen to an Apple Music streaming radio station like Classic Rock or Alternative, you will eventually hear a 40-second ad for Zane Lowe or Strombo or other pre-recorded Apple Music radio episodes. What was once an ad-free music experience is now punctuated by… promo copy.


Jim’s complaints rang true to me because I recently complained about discovering another new Apple Music marketing technique: inserting promotional interviews inside Apple’s curated playlists.

Apple And Amazon Could Dominate Hollywood If They Wanted To. Why They Haven't, Yet, by Ryan Faughnder, Los Angeles Times

Since Apple and Amazon first dipped their toes into the film and television business, there’s been an understanding among people who make movies and TV shows that these companies — with their massive clout and resources — could dominate Hollywood if only they wanted to.

Do they want to?

Newest Apple Museum Claims To Be ‘Biggest And Most Complete’ With 1,600 Exhibits, by Allison McDaniel, 9to5Mac

Apple Museum of Poland is now open, boasting to be the “biggest and most complete” collection in the world. With over 1,600 exhibits, the museum is the result of years of dedication from Polish collector and architect Jacek Lupina and spans the company’s 46-year history.

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Oh, yes, there is definitely a Spoken Words track in my playlist. Apple: this is unacceptable.

(No, I have not heard this track. Yet. Who knows when the shuffle algorithm will throw this track at me.)


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