The Power-of-Coding Edition Saturday, June 4, 2022

Apple’s WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge Winners Help Communities Through Coding, by Apple

Every year, in the lead-up to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, young people from around the globe use Swift Playgrounds to showcase their coding skills. This year, as part of the Swift Student Challenge, they include submissions from first-time participants Jones Mays II, Angelina Tsuboi, and Josh Tint.

All three teens are harnessing the power of coding to create apps that help solve problems in their communities — and are among more than 350 students from 40 countries and regions who have been selected as 2022 challenge winners.

Unraveling The “Aspirational Aspect Of The Save”: Pocket V.P. Matt Koidin On The Art Of A Good Recommendation, by Delia Cai, Vanity Fair

The internet we have today is the one we unknowingly asked for over the past decade and change: Since the introduction of the Facebook like in 2009, we’ve been inputting countless likes, retweets, views, and various other nudges to prompt algorithmically-driven platforms to give us more of what we want. Or, at least, what we think we want. Somehow, we’ve arrived at the current chaotic hellscape of online content, where there’s more of it than ever, but it’s just as difficult—if not more laborious—to sift through it all and find the good stuff. So it makes sense that Pocket, which launched as the humble bookmarking service we know today in 2012, has endured as a place for netizens to stow their favored links and discover new ones. What’s less obvious is how the platform has managed to do so while remaining remarkably…enjoyable?

Gurman: MacBook Air Not Expected To Come In A Range Of iMac-Like Colors, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Reports of multiple color options are likely “exaggerated,” according to Gurman, who says he is not expecting much more than the typical ‌MacBook Air‌ colors, but the gold color could be more of a champagne. He also says that it will be available in his “favorite ‌iMac‌ color,” a shade of blue.


Tempo Move Review: A Great Idea With Terrible Connectivity, by Victoria Song, The Verge

When I first got a sneak peek of the Tempo Move last year, I was stoked. Here was a $495 smart gym that would not only fit into my tiny apartment but also wouldn’t look out of place. It used the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera tech to track your movements, the classes were great, and the design was so clever I was gobsmacked. And, if it weren’t for annoying connectivity issues, the Tempo Move might’ve been my favorite connected fitness gadget that I’ve tested in the past year.


Number Of Downloads It Takes To Hit The Top Of The App Store, by Sarah Perez , TechCrunch

New analysis indicates it’s gotten harder to get an app to the top of the App Store, in terms of downloads, over the past several years. According to new data from app intelligence firm Sensor Tower, the number of downloads needed for an app to break into the No. 1 position on Apple’s iPhone App Store in the U.S. has climbed by 37% since 2019. [...]

But to be clear, downloads alone don’t move an app to the top of the charts. It’s only one of several factors that Apple’s ranking algorithm takes into account for managing its Top Charts.

Slowing App Store Growth Could Hit Apple In The Near-term, Morgan Stanley Says, by Samantha Subin, CNBC

Apple 's App Store is showing signs of slowing growth, which could hurt the stock in the near future, Morgan Stanley said. "While we are bullish on the longer-term App Store and Services outlook, a deceleration in App Store growth (and monetization) could be a near-term headwind to results," wrote analyst Katy Huberty in a note to clients Friday.

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