The Ski-Goggles Edition Sunday, June 5, 2022

Apple Starts Connecting The Dots For Its Next Big Thing, by Brian X. Chen, New York Times

The company has enlisted Hollywood directors such as Jon Favreau to develop video content for a headset that it is expected to ship next year, according to three people familiar with that work. Mr. Favreau, an executive producer of “Prehistoric Planet” on Apple TV+, is working to bring that show’s dinosaurs to life on the headset, which looks like a pair of ski goggles and aims to offer virtual- and augmented-reality experiences, these people said.

Separately, at its annual conference for developers on Monday, Apple plans to unveil software tools that would allow apps to add new camera and voice functionality, laying the groundwork for a hands-free interface that customers will eventually be able to navigate on the headset, according to two people familiar with the project and documents reviewed by The New York Times.

Apple Looks To Its First Headset For Next Breakthrough Product, by Patrick McGee, Financial Times

Little is known about Apple’s new product, but Vrvana’s “pass through” video system is expected to be a key feature. The idea is to turn the enclosed world of VR headsets inside-out, enabling the device to allow users to also see the physical world around them overlaid with digital images.

“We re-spun everything to merge AR and VR, for the first time, in a single device,” said Nepveu, who declined to discuss his work while at Apple before leaving last year.


iMovie’s Best-kept Secret Will Help You Create Movies Like A Pro, by Bob Levitus, Houston Chronicle

I love iMovie Trailers and have made at least a dozen over the years, and everyone loves them. Give it a try — it is easy and the results are usually breathtaking.

Brydge Air MAX+ For iPad Air 5 Review: A Keyboard Case Worth The Extra Bulk, by Luke Filipowicz, iMore

If you're looking for a keyboard case that offers some protection and an excellent typing experience, the Brydge Air MAX+ is a fantastic option. It does add a little more bulk, but I think it's well worth the added weight.

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Apple CarPlay, by Alistair Charlton, T3

But, while the system is very much a plug-and-play affair, I’ve identified five pitfalls to avoid if you’re going to get the most out of Apple's CarPlay.

Sometimes this means going against the grain and passing up the opportunity for wireless convenience, while other tips will help you focus on the road and spend less time rummaging through menus to find your favourite apps.


Lawmakers Are Racing To Pass Tech Antitrust Reforms Before Midterms, by Lauren Feiner, CNBC

Lehrich said Apple's lobbying has so far seemed to be the most persuasive to lawmakers with lingering concerns about the legislation, in part because it's maintained a greater sense of credibility in Washington than some of its peers.

"When Facebook or Amazon make baseless sky-is-falling attacks, there's little to say besides, 'that's just patently false,'" Lehrich said in an email. "When Apple makes esoteric arguments about serious security risks of sideloading, you need compelling substantive pushback to allay lawmakers' concerns."

Bottom of the Page

As reported by the New York Times, the Apple headset will look like ski goggles. I wonder: can I wear the Apple headset over my regular glasses? Or are the headset so thin that I can wear my regular glasses over it?

But if the Apple headset is anything like a pair of regular ski goggles, then this will be another upcoming Apple product that I will not be buying, along with the iCar. (No, I still do not have my driving license yet. At this age, I doubt I will ever learn driving.)

Of course, Apple may still surprise us. It may very well turn out that the headset also corrects bad eyesights, and I no longer need regular glasses...


Thanks for reading.