The Pods-and-More Edition Monday, June 6, 2022

Apple Developer Center Opens Ahead Of WWDC 2022 With Rooms Named After macOS Releases, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Located next to the Apple Park campus, Apple describes the Developer Center as a “world-class facility designed for our community to meet, collaborate with, and learn from our engineers, designers, and experts.” The center includes dedicated developer lab areas, pods, briefing centers, a state-of-the-art studio/theater, and more.

Koala Sampler App Separates Stems In One Tap, by Oliver Payne, MusicTech

Koala Sampler, an MPC-style app built for iOS and Android by Elf Audio, has received a feature which separates stems and lets users make tracks with them instantly.

The feature, dubbed ‘Split Stems’, uses AI technology to identify the different components of a track, and then provides each solo’d stem to the best of its ability.

Albany Passes 'Right To Repair' Law For Electronics To Confront 'Monopoly' On Repair Market, by Jake Offenhartz, Gothamist

The “right to repair” legislation, which still needs to be signed into law by the governor, is believed to be the first of its kind in the United States. It follows a year-long campaign by tech and environmental activists, who accused manufacturers of intentionally restricting the ability to repair their products – a strategy known as planned obsolescence.

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As I am typing this, there are three more hours to go before the start of WWDC... and one more hour to go before my usual bedtime.

Now that Apple keynotes have gone virtual (mostly), I do wish the company can start to rotate the start time so that others in the various time zones can also watch live without sacrificing sleep.

But I guess Apple is still a very California company at heart, and Apple still want to have live physical audience (how else are you going to demo XDR displays and Reality glasses?), so I am not holding my breath.

Have a good WWDC day. I can't wait to watch the keynote video when I wake up.


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