The Desktop-Class Edition Saturday, July 9, 2022

Expanding BBEdit To The iPad Is A Long Shot, Confirms Bare Bones Founder, by Daryl Baxter, TechRadar

We asked Siegel, point-blank, if an iPadOS version was coming, considering other apps in this area, such as Scrivener, offer a version for the tablet. "Any product we ship that's called 'BBEdit' is going to have to be BBEdit, in all the ways that matter: performance, stability, and capability. Unfortunately, we don't have the luxury of picking only the features that are viable on iOS and hoping for the best," Siegel confesses. "BBEdit's capabilities depend on an actual desktop OS, which (in context) includes a transparent file system and a wide range of POSIX system services and Unix shell services."

Siegel concludes: "So, a 'desktop-class' iOS running on 'desktop-class' iPads is unfortunately not going to support the full breadth and depth of features that would be necessary to make BBEdit an indispensable tool on that platform. And yes, if you can believe it, we've actually had folks asking for a BBEdit deployment on iPhone."

Midnight M2 MacBook Air Shipment Moves To mid-August, Space Gray Model Still The Fastest Option Available, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

All models can take at least a couple of weeks to be delivered. At the moment, the Midnight M2 MacBook Air with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage is the most popular option – or at least the hardest one to get – with an estimated shipment of 4 from 5 weeks.


Apple TV Plus Has Become A Powerhouse For TV Drama, by Saloni Gajjar, AV Club

Apple TV+ has mostly found glory, and hopefully its audience, thanks to subversive and singular dramas that are unlike anything else on TV right now.

The Oregon Trail Update Now Includes Step Tracking With Apple Watch And Integrates With Health App, by Allison McDaniel, 9to5Mac

Developed by Gameloft, users can track their steps by either walking, jogging, running, or pushing a wheelchair. Throughout the game, players can discover 64 locations as they navigate the trail from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon.

Carrot Weather Update Brings New Widget Design, Improved Maps, Fresh Secret Locations, More, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

The main new feature is a fresh Daily widget chart design.


'My Heart Was Racing So Fast': Teen Wins Apple Worldwide App Challenge, by Bea Karnes, Patch

With her grandmother now diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Audrey's mind and heart went to her when Apple announced a worldwide coding contest this spring for youth aged 13 to recent high school graduates. Audrey developed an app to help the brain use multiple senses to form or recall memories, a process called synesthesia.

If that sounds boring, Audrey folded the concepts into a game.

Apple Watch Estimates, by Dr. Drang, And Now It's All This

The proper measurement of VO₂ max involves putting you on a treadmill or stationary bike, covering your face with a mask and hose to measures your oxygen intake, and making you run or pedal at increasing speed until your oxygen intake maxes out. This is known as cardiopulmonary exercise testing, or CPET. Because the Apple Watch can’t do CPET, it estimates your VO₂ max by tracking your speed and heart rate (and possibly some other things) during an outdoor walk or run and then applying some formula to the sensor readings.

What formula? I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it isn’t one of the formulas described in the Wikipedia article on VO₂ max, because if it were, Apple wouldn’t have bothered publishing a paper on the study it ran to develop its estimate.

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I have promised myself many times that I will stop messing around with app icons on my iPhone. But then, a few weeks later, I've gotten an itch: maybe if I do this, my interaction with iOS will be better. It never does.

But, I think I do learn one thing about myself after messing with all these app icons: I like symmetry.

Every row on my iPhone's home screen need be filled with four app icons. (The only exception, for me, are the subsequent screens in folders; well, they are hidden from view most of the time.)

And I also need to balance widgets on the left with widgets on the right. I cannot have widgets on one side, and app icons on the other side. It just doesn't look right to me.

I am weird.


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