The Greatest-Contribution Edition Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Apple Created The Ultimate Guide For How Apple Watch And Health Are Improving Lives, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said before that the company’s greatest contribution to mankind will likely be health-related. And over the past decade, Apple has made impressive strides in new health and fitness features, partnerships with the medical community, and more. Now Apple has released a comprehensive guide on how Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple Health are empowering people to live healthier lives and how it envisions the future of its most important work.

Just yesterday we heard a powerful story about a woman whose life was saved after her Apple Watch uncovered a hidden tumor. While we’ve seen many examples of how iPhone and Apple Watch have saved lives in amazing circumstances, the devices also improve many aspects of people’s everyday health and well-being – and that’s what this new guide from Apple aims to share.

How To Use Your Smartphone To Cope With Hearing Loss, by Simon Hill, Wired

Whether you struggle to hear the doorbell or follow conversations in noisy environments or you frequently find yourself cranking the TV volume up, you likely have a device in your pocket that can help. We often think of accessibility features for folks with profound hearing loss, but the truth is many of us can benefit.

Below, I’ve pooled together several smartphone features I tested with the help of family members that have varying degrees of hearing loss. I also spoke to Apple and Google to learn more about these features in iPhones and Android. Both companies claim they work with deaf and hard-of-hearing communities to gather feedback and new ideas.

Apple Reaches $50 Mln Settlement Over Defective MacBook Keyboards, by Jonathan Stempel, Reuters

The proposed preliminary settlement was filed late Monday night in the federal court in San Jose, California, and requires a judge's approval.


Lawyers for the customers expect maximum payouts of $395 to people who replaced multiple keyboards, $125 to people who replaced one keyboard, and $50 to people who replaced key caps.


Uh Oh — MacBook Air M2 In Midnight Color Reportedly Scratches And Scuffs Easily, by Richard Priday, Tom's Guide

Scratches are basically unavoidable when you're using an aluminum-bodied device like the MacBook Air. On other MacBooks, these scratches are hard to spot because they only come in silver or gray colors that hide the marks pretty well. However, these scuffs are much more noticeable on the Midnight MacBook Air M2, where the silver aluminum contrasts noticeably with the dark paint job.

Apple Music To Stream Luke Combs North Carolina Concert, by Jessica Nicholson, Billboard

Luke Combs will return to his home state to perform at Coyote Joe’s in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 28, and the concert will be available to stream exclusively on Apple Music on Aug. 24, via the Apple Music Live series.

LumaFusion Video Editor Adds Long-anticipated Scopes Feature And More Effects Capabilities, by José Adorno, 9to5Mac

LumaFusion is finally bringing some of its most requested features with version 3.1 by expanding effects capabilities; enhancing professional color workflow with the addition of Scopes to show Histogram, Waveforms, and Vectorscopes in real time; and more.

Twelve South Refreshes HoverBar Duo iPad Stand With More Flexible Build And New Colorways, by Rikka Altland, 9to5Toys

Originally launching over a year ago, the new and improved HoverBar Duo from Twelve South arrives with much of the same ergonomic iPad mounting features, just with a new QuickSwitch Tab that allows you to easily switch between desktop and mounted form-factors.


M2 MacBook Air Teardown: Apple Forgot The Heatsink?, by Sam Goldheart, iFixIt

Under the lid we find: an impressive amount of empty space! The empty pad makes sense—it’s for the extra SSD chip we didn’t pay for—but, where’s the heat spreader? What’s with this big gap? How does this thing cool down? Sure it had a lot of thermal paste and graphite tape, and yeah the M2 is efficient, but this shield is super thin, so it’s not helping much—and the case is lighter than last year, so? Maybe the M2 Air is secretly an iPad … or maybe Apple is just letting it run hot.

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Any one, I guess, can come up with a bad design. Apple is no exception, no matter who is sitting where in the hierarchy of design responsibilities. However, the problem with this butterfly era was the failure to correct the mistakes in a reasonable time. Apple let the problem dragged on far too long; it doens't matter if this was a failure of admitting mistakes, or a failure of changing course.

Fortunately, these were not fatal blows to the Mac platform; Apple has definitely bounced back. We will not know what was the root cause -- whether it can be traced back to a single person in power or not. But Mac customers, including me who never bought a Mac laptop during this era, will definitely hope this misstep will not happen again.


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