The Busy-Fall-Season Edition Thursday, August 18, 2022

iOS 15.6.1, iPadOS 15.6.1, And macOS 12.5.1 Monterey Address Serious Security Vulnerabilities, by Josh Centers, TidBITS

In response to a pair of security vulnerabilities that are being exploited in the wild, Apple has released three updates: iOS 15.6.1, iPadOS 15.6.1, and macOS 12.5.1 Monterey. One of the vulnerabilities is at the kernel level, whereas the other is related to WebKit. No other changes were mentioned.

Apple Targets Sept. 7 For iPhone 14 Launch In Flurry Of New Devices, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Apple Inc. is aiming to hold a launch event on Sept. 7 to unveil the iPhone 14 line, according to people with knowledge of the matter, rolling out the latest version of a product that generates more than half its sales.

The new iPhones will kick off a busy fall product season, which will also include multiple new Macs, low-end and high-end iPads, and three Apple Watch models.

HomeKit Is Getting A Major Thread Upgrade–but How Much Will It Matter?, by Jason Cross, Macworld

You may have heard of a couple of smart home buzzwords lately: Thread and Matter. Each tackle one of the greatest problems with smart home stuff today: interoperability. Since Apple’s in the back of the smart home pack largely because it’s having trouble getting enough devices to support HomeKit, they could each have a big impact on the future of the Apple-compatible smart home.

Here’s a quick primer on Thread and Matter, how they’re different, and how they’re going to benefit Apple’s smart home future.

On Security

iOS VPNs Have Leaked Traffic For More Than 2 Years, Researcher Claims, by Kevin Purdy, Ars Technica

Any third-party VPN seems to work at first, giving the device a new IP address, DNS servers, and a tunnel for new traffic, Horowitz writes. But sessions and connections established before a VPN is activated do not terminate and, in Horowitz's findings with advanced router logging, can still send data outside the VPN tunnel while it's active.

In other words, you'd expect a VPN to kill existing connections before establishing a connection so they can be re-established inside the tunnel. But iOS VPNs can't seem to do this, Horowitz says, a finding that is backed up by a similar report from May 2020.


GarageBand Drops New In-app Remix Sessions Featuring Katy Perry And SEVENTEEN, by Apple

Starting today, GarageBand for iOS and iPadOS will include two all-new, in-app Remix Sessions featuring Katy Perry and K-pop supergroup SEVENTEEN. GarageBand Remix Sessions enable anyone to express their inner DJ using tracks from today’s top artists. With in-app inspiration from the artists themselves and step-by-step video instruction from an Apple Creative Pro, the sessions give aspiring musicians the ability to put their own personal spin on the hit songs “Harleys in Hawaii” by Katy Perry and “Darl+ing” by SEVENTEEN.

5 Apps That Will Help You Edit Audio On Your Phone, by David Nield, Popular Science

Among the many roles your phone can take on—portable jukebox, web browser, video caller, document scanner, gaming console, and many more—it can become your personal, portable audio editing studio, too.

Belkin's Latest USB-C Hub Mounts To The Back Of Your M1 iMac With A Detachable Design, by Rikka Altland, 9to5Toys

The new Multiport Hub with Mount may look like a typical way to extend I/O, but features a novel design that can be attached to the back of your desktop machine and then unclamped for use on-the-go.

Pixelmator Photo Moves To Subscription Pricing, Announces Mac Version, by Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac

The app now costs $4.99 per month or $23.99 per year, with a seven day free trial. A $59.99 lifetime option will also be available. The subscription unlocks access across all your devices, including the upcoming newly-announced Mac version.


Australia’s National Swim Team Uses Apple Watch And iPad To Improve Performance, by Apple

Australia’s national swim team, The Dolphins, has been using Apple Watch, iPad, and a combination of apps to improve its performance outcomes, helping propel the team during its most successful period in history. Through harnessing the sensors and activity-tracking features within Apple Watch, Swimming Australia’s coaches can more accurately capture a complete picture of their athletes’ overall health and performance. And when paired with iPad and custom apps, this powerful ecosystem delivers real-time data and analysis, and a portable, powerful visual feedback tool for coaches to use when communicating with athletes in the pool. The native Workout app on Apple Watch tracks both pool and open water disciplines, and it surfaces important swimming metrics the athletes can view during training sessions.

Apple Supplier BOE, Others Say Production Hit By Sichuan Power Rationing, by Josh Horwitz, Reuters

The company supplies small volumes of displays to Apple for its iPhone 13 devices and older models, and could potentially supply displays for the upcoming iPhone 14, according to reports from Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst at research firm TF Securities.

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And then I look at the two little buttons: torchlight and camera. And whispering: I wish I can get rid of you two.



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