The Bad-Deal Edition Sunday, August 21, 2022

Apple Cannot Rely On Goodwill If The Company Does Bad Things, by Craig Grannell, Stuff

Regardless of questionable design decisions and aggressive advertising, Apple retains advantages: an unparalleled ecosystem; consistently premium hardware; unrivalled mobile apps. But the company’s position is precarious if it becomes more like its rivals – especially if rivals then shift towards the position Apple once occupied.

Apple should take stock, before paying a premium for its products looks like a bad deal rather than a justified cost.

How The Find My App Became An Accidental Friendship Fixture, by Kalley Huang, New York Times

As location sharing through apps like Find My has proliferated in recent years, they have become a staple in some friendships — ostensibly for safety but with the side effect of complicating dynamics between friends.

The impact is particularly noticeable among Generation Z and millennials, the first generations to come of age with the possibility of knowing where their peers are at all times. It has changed how friends communicate with one another and blurred lines of privacy. Friends now, sometimes unwittingly yet obsessively, check one another’s locations and bypass whole conversations — about where somebody is, what they are doing or how their days are going — when socializing. All of that information can be gleaned from Find My.


Why Apple AirTags Hold The Secret To Finding Your Lost Luggage, by Emily Rochotte, Yahoo

With the risk of losing valuable possessions at stake, more travelers are turning to Apple AirTags for peace of mind. Apple AirTags allow you to track the location of your bag (or any item) whenever you want. You can even find their precise location in the airport, which is a pretty great hack for knowing exactly when you need to head to baggage claim.

The 5 Best Trip Planner Apps: Easily Plan Your Next Vacation, by Lena Borrelli, ZDNet

The right trip planning app organizes all your information while assisting in the reservation and booking process. The best trip planning apps offer even more if you know where to look.

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