The Hard-Fight Edition Saturday, August 27, 2022

DOJ In Early Stages Of Drafting Possible Antitrust Suit Against Apple, by Josh Sisco, Politico

Still, the Justice Department has made no decisions whether or when to sue Apple, the world’s most valuable public company, cautioned that person and one other familiar with the probe — and it’s still possible no case will be filed. Both were granted anonymity to discuss a confidential investigation.


Any case is going to be a hard fight for DOJ, and with a market cap of $2.73 trillion, Apple has near endless resources to defend itself. It has already shown a willingness to litigate to protect its lucrative App Store, going to trial against Fortnite maker Epic Games last year.


Duolingo Announces New 'Math' App Focused On Kids And More Features Coming To Other Apps, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Duolingo on Friday announced a new “Math” app during its fourth annual Duocon conference. Duolingo Math, as the name suggests, will help people (especially children) learn and improve their math skills in a fun and intuitive way.

Tested: Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

It is sufficiently affordable and portable to be something you can keep as part of your standard tech bag contents, while also providing enough power and longevity to meet everyday needs.


The Obsessive Pleasures Of Mechanical-Keyboard Tinkerers, by David Owen, New Yorker

I met Bassett in June, at the headquarters of Mode Designs, a small computer-keyboard company in Somerville, Massachusetts. The occasion was an afternoon meetup organized by the New England Keyboard Group. There were a hundred or so enthusiasts in attendance, virtually all of them young men. Several were identified on their nametags by their Discord or Reddit handles, or by their usernames on the online keyboard forums Deskthority and Geekhack. The ones I spoke with generally referred to what they do as “the hobby”—as in, “He was out of the hobby for a while, but a few months ago he came back.” Some of the keyboards on display were commercial models from as long ago as the nineteen-eighties, but most were recent creations, which their owners had built themselves, using components they’d bought from specialized manufacturers.

Book Review - The Secret History Of Mac Gaming: Expanded Edition, by Jonathan Balofsky, ROG

The Secret History of Mac Gaming: Expanded Edition is an essential read for any fan of gaming, or those who want to study history as it happened, and not just rely on poorly sourced articles and videos. Some kudos must be given to Richard Moss for writing this 480-page masterpiece and giving a much-needed spotlight on the history of a sadly ignored platform. I would go so far as to say, that this could be used as reference material for those that are teaching computer history.

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