The Brain-Space Edition Wednesday, September 7, 2022

The Argument For Excess Battery, by Matt Birchler, Birchtree

Ultimately, the theme here is that I enjoying having a battery that's more than large enough most days so that I can remove "is my phone going to make it through today?" from my brain space.

Apple, The Ad Critic, Now Embraces Ads, by Erik Carter, New York Times

For years, Apple has been a loud critic of online advertising that relies on hogging as much information about us as possible. Now, the company wants to become a bigger seller of online ads, and says it can do so in a less creepy way.

The question is: Can Apple successfully sell online ads without the ick?

How China Has Added To Its Influence Over The iPhone, by Tripp Mickle, New York Times

More than ever, Apple’s Chinese employees and suppliers contributed complex work and sophisticated components for the 15th year of its marquee device, including aspects of manufacturing design, speakers and batteries, according to four people familiar with the new operations and analysts. As a result, the iPhone has gone from being a product that is designed in California and made in China to one that is a creation of both countries.


The increased responsibilities China has assumed for the iPhone could challenge Apple’s efforts to decrease its dependency on the country, a goal that has taken on increased urgency amid rising geopolitical tensions over Taiwan and simmering concerns in Washington about China’s ascent as a technology competitor.

Apple Launches New GymKit Certification App To Spur Adoption And Improve Stability, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple’s GymKit platform for pairing your Apple Watch to gym equipment has slowly expanded since it first launched in 2017. It’s been a gradual process and one that has happened without much fanfare. Now, in hopes of luring more equipment makers to add GymKit support, Apple has launched a new GymKit Certification Assistant app to streamline the approval process.

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Will I be frustrated soon when I glance at my iPhone and see a dark screen staring back at me? Why oh why do I have to touch the screen to turn it on?

In the meanwhile, it's my bedtime, so I'm signing out and dozing off. Happy Far-Out day everyone, and we'll meet again tomorrow.


Thanks for reading.