The Bigger-Stronger-Brighter Edition Sunday, September 11, 2022

Apple's Far Out Event Was Good. The October Mac Event Will Be Better, by Michael Simon and Roman Loyola, Macworld

When Apple started the M-series transition, it gave new life to the Mac. This event will complete the rollout and it will provide a roadmap for what to expect in the future. That’s exciting, especially when you compare that to the already-mature iPhone lineup. With the Mac, the chips gains are bigger, the innovations are stronger, and the future is brighter.

Apple's iPhone 14 eSIM Change Has Small Carriers Hopeful Switching Will Be Easier, by Eli Blumenthal, CNET

Apple's embrace of virtual, embedded SIM cards in the iPhone 14 line -- eliminating the SIM card slot for US models -- has led some online to worry that switching carriers is about to get a lot more difficult. Smaller carriers like Mint Mobile, US Mobile and Boost Mobile, however, see it as just the opposite.

"Mint has always believed in digital technologies that enhance and ease wireless services," Aron North, Mint Mobile's chief marketing officer, said in a statement to CNET. "Mint has been supporting [the] eSIM for almost two years because we knew, even back then, this innovation would allow users to switch faster and easier."

iCloud+ Plans Max Out At 2TB. Apple Needs To Offer More., by Matt Binder, Mashable

Every year that Apple announces a new iPhone, a major focus is the upgrade in camera hardware offering major improvements on photo and video quality. That means better pictures. It also means larger files. According to Apple itself, a single minute of 4K video recorded on an iPhone can take up as much as 400mb of space. This year, the company put major focus on the new iPhone 14 Pro's insane 48mp camera at its Apple event. One photo taken with this iPhone camera, in the high quality ProRAW format, can be around 75MB.

You're going to fill up your measly 2TB iCloud storage plan mighty quickly with photos and videos of that size. What does Apple want you to do then?

Let Me Watch TV On The Apple Watch Ultra, by Andrew Marino, The Verge

I would absolutely love to go on a walk in my neighborhood with the Yankees game attached to my arm without having to constantly unlock my phone or take it out of my pocket to view what just happened. I just heard Aaron Judge hit a fly ball into left field; how fast can I check the screen to see if someone catches it?

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Which reminds me that once upon a time, I watched movies on iPod nanos.



As far as I can tell, there are no rumors about the upcoming Mac Pro replacement. Which may mean that the rumormongers are not looking at the right places. This may just like looking at the supply chain telling you the shape of the notch has changed, but doesn't tell you the surfacing of the Dynamic Island.

Perhaps, the Mac Pro will share the same chip as the Mac Studio, but with a completely different architecture and priorities? Or perhaps, the Mac Pro will not be using the M-series chips altogether?

Who knows, except at Apple Park.

I know I will not be buying one. But I am still excited to find out what the Mac Pro will be.

October will be exciting.


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