The Moving-Images Edition Sunday, October 9, 2022

The GIF Is On Its Deathbed, by Kaitlyn Tiffany, The Atlantic

Tumblr sees nowhere near the number of posts of any kind that it did six years ago, and not to be crass, but there are constantly rumors that it is itself at death’s door. GIFs are “cringe” in part because they are too easy to make and find—they have been totally devalued by the public. And they are being replaced—Frazier noted that people communicate with other kinds of moving images now, such as TikTok clips with text over them and super-short Twitter videos that add humor by incorporating sound.

Apple Watch's Heart Rate Monitoring Helps Woman Discover She's Pregnant, by Palash Volvoikar, iMore

The Apple Watch apparently picked up on the signs of pregnancy before the woman even had any idea that she was pregnant, leading to the discovery. While the watch didn't outright deduce that the woman was pregnant, but it did report the heart rate data accurately enough to alarm her of the change.

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