The A-Lot-of-Fun-Things Edition Thursday, October 13, 2022

Apple Services Chief Eddy Cue Hails Major League Soccer Streaming Deal As “Huge Global Opportunity” For Tech Giant, by Dade Hayes, Deadline

Apple and MLS are hiring English-, Spanish- and French-speaking announcing teams and crews to handle streams that will go to dozens of countries. In the past, even MLS players and their families have struggled to keep up with games if they are in some parts of the world. Garber said if a player from Paraguay takes the field for Sporting Kansas City, the MLS team there, the game will be available in the U.S. but also “in Paraguay, to anyone picking up their phone and seeing this one game accessible to anyone with a connected device.”

For Apple, which operates around the world including in China, the MLS deal represents a “huge global opportunity,” Cue said. He said “a lot of fun things” are in store on the production side, noting that this season’s MLB streams on Friday nights have enabled the company to experiment with elements like on-screen statistics, high-definition cameras, and microphones on the playing field.

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed In Checked Bags, by Patrick LaForge, New York Times

The German airline Lufthansa reversed itself on Wednesday, saying that Apple AirTags and other Bluetooth tracking devices would once again be allowed in checked baggage.

“The German Aviation Authorities (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt) confirmed today, that they share our risk assessment that tracking devices with very low battery and transmission power in checked luggage do not pose a safety risk,” the airline said. “With that these devices are allowed on Lufthansa flights.”


Apple Shows Windows Some Love With New Music, TV, And iCloud Photos Integration, by Tom Warren, The Verge

Both Apple Music and Apple TV will be available in preview versions soon for Windows, allowing Apple subscribers to access music and TV shows natively on Windows without having to use web versions or the pre-existing iTunes app. Microsoft is also integrating iCloud photos into its built-in Photos app on Windows 11.

AirPods Pro 2 Users Complain Of Audio Drift And Syncing Issues, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

AirPods Pro 2 have been widely praised since their release last month, but there have been a few early bugs. Many AirPods Pro 2 users are now taking to Reddit and other online forums to complain about a pesky audio drifting issue, which occurs even when Apple’s features like Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking are disabled.

1Password 8 Now Includes Rebuilt Apple Watch App With Large Type View And Watch Face Complications, by Zac Hall, 9to5Mac

1Password lets you selectively sync login information from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. That’s still something iCloud Keychain doesn’t offer. Now the latest version of 1Password 8 includes a totally rebuilt watchOS 8 with a new set of features.


Apple To Withhold Its Latest Employee Perks From Unionized Store, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

It’s part of a broader effort to reward workers at the Cupertino, California-based company, which has had to navigate inflationary pressure, a tight labor market and changing demands of workers during the pandemic. But the company was quick to inform the employees at its unionized retail location -- a store in the Baltimore suburb of Towson, Maryland -- that they wouldn’t get the new perks.

The reason given was that the Towson store needs to negotiate benefits with Apple via the collective bargaining arrangement that comes with a union. The approach isn’t unique to Apple.

Microsoft 365 Takes Over As The Office Brand., by Tom Warren, The Verge

After more than 30 years, Microsoft Office is being renamed “Microsoft 365” to mark the software giant’s collection of growing productivity apps. While Office apps like Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint aren’t going away, Microsoft will now mostly refer to these apps as part of Microsoft 365 instead of Microsoft Office.

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