The New-CEO Edition Friday, November 11, 2022

How The Apple Archive Ended Up At Stanford, by Anna Mancini

It quickly became obvious that we could not leave the collection at Apple. No one would take it on, and even if someone did, there was no guarantee that the collection wouldn’t be destroyed later. After a couple of days of discussion, we concluded that the only way to save the Apple historical collection was to donate it.

Every corporate librarian or archivist keeps a plan to save their archives in their back pocket. We have to. Corporate archives can come under attack at any time when someone in power—a new CEO, a legal department, the consulting firm behind an acquisition, even a random IT person cleaning up servers—suddenly doesn’t like the idea of a bunch of old stuff lying around.

More Firmware Updates

Apple Releases New Firmware For AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro 1 And AirPods Max, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple today introduced new 5B58 firmware for the AirPods 2, the AirPods 3, the original AirPods Pro and the AirPods Max, up from the 4E71 firmware that was released back in May. Apple released the 5B58 firmware for theAirPods Pro 2 earlier this week.

Apple Releases New Firmware Update For AirTag Item Tracker, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

Unfortunately, it’s uncertain at this point what changes with the update, as Apple has yet to share update notes for today’s firmware.

Coming Soon

Apple Tests Lyrics For The Apple Music Web Player, by Andrew Orr, AppleInsider

Apple is preparing to expand Apple Music on the web by adding song lyrics, putting it in line with the native app.


Apple Highlights iPhone 14 Pro's Action Mode In New 'Shot On iPhone' Video, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

Apple’s video demonstrates a number of Action Mode shots using 360 rotating, aerial tracking, rolling, and more. Each demo includes a side-by-side of the video with and without Action Mode enabled, clearly showing the difference and the benefit of the feature.

Raycast For Mac. The Next-generation Alfred?, by Matt Birchler, The Sweet Setup

I’ve fully switched to Raycast as my full time app launcher, but it’s worth noting that not everyone here at The Sweet Setup likes it as much as I do, so I’m not expecting everyone to make the move. Raycast is not “Alfred, but better” for me, it’s a whole different experience, and different people with different workflows will react differently to it.

Stable Diffusion In Your Pocket? “Draw Things” Brings AI Images To iPhone, by Benj Edwards, Ars Technica

On Wednesday, a San Francisco-based developer named Liu Liu released Draw Things: AI Generation, a free app available in the App Store that lets iPhone owners run the popular Stable Diffusion AI image generator. Type in a description, and the app generates an image within several minutes. It's a notable step toward bringing image synthesis to a wider audience—with the added privacy of running it on your own hardware.

Philips Hue Debuts Smart Christmas Lights With HomeKit, But They Aren't Cheap, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Philips Hue is expanding its line of smart home products with something many people have been waiting on: Festavia string lights. These new string lights pack HomeKit connectivity, among a number of other useful smart home features. They’re perfect for holiday decorations but can also be used year-round for accent lighting and other special occasions.

Marvel Snap Review – Superhero Showdown Card Game Is Utterly Compulsive, by Keith Stuart, The Guardian

Thanks to the compact, unpredictable nature of matches, Marvel Snap is a really fun game to experiment with even if you’re a newcomer. In a lot of ways it’s the Super Mario Kart of the deck-building world, as even veterans can be thrown off course if a location pops up that completely ruins their battle plan.


Think Twice Before Pouring Your "Heart And Soul" Into A Corporate Job, by Rani Molla, Vox

Having a transactional mindset about work — that it is something you do in exchange for pay — can help put things into perspective, and so can finding meaning outside of work, said Stolzoff.

“Try and see this as an opportunity, while you’re searching for other jobs, to also invest in other sources of identity and self-worth that no employer or job market has the power to take away from you,” he said.

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Three more things We are expecting from Apple before the year ends: the introduction of the new Mac Pro, the new Classical Music app, and the pricing of the company's real foray into sports programming.


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