The Continuous-Rediscovery Edition Sunday, November 20, 2022

Bring Yourself Recurring Joy With Apple’s New Lock Screen Photo Shuffle, by Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

It turns out you can design a product to produce joy. Apple has chosen to hide the details of how it engineered this kind of delight, and that unpredictability might just be a key aspect of the pleasure of continuous rediscovery.

Anti-union Talks Continue At Apple Store In Reston, VA, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

As Apple Store employees continue discussing the possibility of unionizing, and with a few stores unionizing or taking steps in that direction, Apple is keen to fend off other efforts to do the same. In one case, this seemingly includes attempts to dissuade workers from unionizing in the daily download meetings.

Warren Buffett's First Big Semiconductor Investment In His Career Is Also A Bet On Apple's Future, by Yun Li, CNBC

Warren Buffett this week disclosed his first significant investment in semiconductors in his long career, and the value pick is seen as a way to double down on his No.1 stock — Apple . Berkshire Hathaway built a new, $4.1 billion stake in Taiwan Semiconductor in the third quarter, becoming the biggest holder of the Taiwanese chipmaker's American depositary receipts.

It’s Official: The Leap Second Will Be Retired (A Decade From Now), by Alanna Mitchell, New York Times

The time has come — or will come, in 2035 — to abandon the leap second.

So voted the member states of the international treaty governing science and measurement standards, at a meeting in Versailles, France, on Friday. The near-unanimous vote on what was known as Resolution D was met with relief and jubilation from the world’s metrologists, some of whom have been pressing for a solution to the leap second problem for decades.

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