The Onshore-Production Edition Monday, December 5, 2022

Apple, Nvidia To Be First Customers Of TSMC Arizona Chip Plant, by Cheng Ting-Fang, Nikkei Asia

Apple and Nvidia are set to be two of the first customers for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.'s new plant in Arizona, which is slated to begin making some of the world's most advanced chips as early as the end of next year.


This latest development between TSMC and top American chip developers marks a victory for Washington in its push to onshore vital semiconductor production.

Foxconn Expects COVID-hit China Plant Back To Full Output In Late Dec-early Jan -Source, by Yimou Lee, Reuters

Apple supplier Foxconn expects its COVID-hit Zhengzhou plant in China to resume full production around late December to early January, a Foxconn source said on Monday, after worker unrest disrupted the world's biggest iPhone factory.


A New App Aims To Help The Millions Of People Living With Long Covid, by Rhiannon Williams, MIT Technology Review

People with long covid, defined by the World Health Organization as a post-covid illness lasting two months or more, suffer from symptoms that include headaches, fatigue, weakness, and fever. Some use a practice called pacing, where they balance activity with periods of rest to recover, to keep things under control. If they exert themselves too hard, it can make things worse.


Tracking heart rate variability makes it easier to predict when someone is likely to become fatigued. Visible uses this data to create a “pace score” of 1 to 10 (8-10 indicating good recent pacing, 4-6 suggesting it would be wise to factor in a quiet next few days, and 1-3 meaning the person should prioritize rest) to help users decide when to take it easy.


Pegasus Spyware Was Used To Hack Reporters’ Phones. I’m Suing Its Creators, by Nelson Rauda Zablah, The Guardian

NSO executives shouldn’t be able to wash their hands as their tools are used to persecute journalists. In a very real sense, NSO set the hounds on us. And now we’re fighting back.

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In this age of globalization, does it make sense for a single piece of creative work to be named differently in different countries?

I just finishing reading a book that has a different name in US and in UK... which caused me to have the title sitting in my wish list for a long time because I can't find and purchase the book.


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