The One-More-Location Edition Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Apple To Start Making MacBooks In Vietnam By Mid-2023, by Cheng Ting-Fang, Nikkei Asia

Apple has tapped its top supplier, Taiwan's Foxconn, to start making MacBooks in the Southeast Asian nation as early as around May, sources briefed on the matter said. Apple has been working to add production sites outside of China for all of its major product lines, but doing so for the final one, the MacBook, has taken longer due to the complex supply chain needed for making laptop computers.

"After the MacBook production shifts, all of Apple's flagship products basically will have one more production location beyond China ... iPhones in India and MacBooks, the Apple Watch and iPads in Vietnam," one person with direct knowledge of the matter told Nikkei Asia. "What Apple wants now is an 'out of China' option for at least part of production for all of its products."


Apple Finally Details What’s New In The Latest AirTag Firmware Updates, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

In a support article on Apple’s website, the company now details what’s new in AirTag firmware updates 2.0.24 and 2.0.36. Version 2.0.24 of the AirTag firmware, released on November 10, finally lets iPhone users locate an unknown AirTag with Precision Finding.

This feature was announced by Apple earlier this year as part of the company’s measures to prevent people from using AirTag for stalking purposes. When the iPhone detects an unknown AirTag moving with the user, the person can use Precision Finding combined with a sound alert to quickly find and disable that AirTag.

Belkin’s MagSafe Adapter Brings Continuity Camera Home To The Desktop, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

While I like the MacBook adapter with some reservations—which mostly have to do with the weight of an iPhone adjusting your MacBook’s display when you don’t want it to, and it’s hard for Belkin to ignore the laws of physics—I have very few reservations of this new adapter. It works well on my Apple Studio Display but would work just as well on an iMac, a third-party display, or even a television.

'Hand Mirror' Is A Must-have macOS Utility That Adds A One-click Camera Check To Your Menu Bar, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Hand Mirror is a popular utility that brings one-click access to your Mac’s camera right to your macOS menu bar. A new version of Hand Mirror released this month builds on its foundation with a number of new features.


Apple Fined 1 Mln Euros By Paris Commercial Court Over App Store Practices, by Layli Foroudi, Reuters

The Paris Commercial Court on Monday fined iPhone maker Apple just over 1 million euros ($1.06 million) for imposing abusive commercial clauses on French app developers for access to the company's App Store, the court ruling showed.

The ruling, seen by Reuters, said there was no need to order Apple, which has a market value of about $2.1 trillion, to tweak the App Store's clauses because the European Union's incoming Digital Markets Act would require changes in any case.

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The loss of functionality of a shortcut command on the latest iOS -- to continue playing Apple Music -- has prompted me to start subscribing to a bunch of classical music and opera podcasts. I haven't listen too many episodes yet, but I've been enjoying them so far.


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