The Realistic-and-Lasting Edition Sunday, January 1, 2023

Want To Hit Your 2023 Fitness Goals? Drop Apple's Rings And Try Gentler Streak Instead, by Bryan M Wolfe, iMore

Developed through a partnership between someone who found themselves overtrained for a triathlon and a runner who couldn't run for six months due to an injury, Gentler Streak was designed to fill a void. The app focuses on pushing users toward staying within healthy activity levels, regardless of how much activity they are doing.

As co-founder and CEO Katarina Lotrič tells iMore, Gentler Streak is for everyday people who want to cultivate a "realistic and lasting fitness habit based on your compatibilities." As such, "instead of chasing outside goals, possibly validation, endlessly closing rings, doing 10.000 steps a day, we invite people to turn inwards — to understand what their body needs and to support it (instead of exhausting it) with suitable action."

Bring Back Personal Blogging, by Monique Judge, The Verge

Buy that domain name. Carve your space out on the web. Tell your stories, build your community, and talk to your people. It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t need to duplicate any space that already exists on the web — in fact, it shouldn’t. This is your creation. It’s your expression. It should reflect you.

Bring back personal blogging in 2023. We, as a web community, will be all that much better for it.


Apple Finally Killed Off The Beloved Dark Sky Weather App. Try These Decent Alternatives Instead, by Megan Morrone, Fast Company

Good night, sweet weather prince. Here are some alternatives.


U.S. Pours Money Into Chips, But Even Soaring Spending Has Limits, by Ana Swanson, New York Times

The new chip factories would take years to build and might not be able to offer the industry’s most advanced manufacturing technology when they begin operations. Companies could also delay or cancel the projects if they aren’t awarded sufficient subsidies by the White House. And a severe shortage in skills may undercut the boom, as the complex factories need many more engineers than the number of students who are graduating from U.S. colleges and universities.

Bottom of the Page

To celebrate the open web, someone should write a super app that combines reading of blogs / RSS feeds, Mastodon, and email newsletters. I have too many inboxes, and it will be great if there is one app that straightens everything for me. Give me a morning summary every day, help me prioritize incoming posts and emails, and alert me if something dear to my heart has happend. (Apple finally launches Mac Pro?)

And, just for kicks, add Usenet into the mix too? It's open… :-)


My arm is still sore from yesterday's booster shot. And I am still tired and sleepy. And we've welcomed in the thrid year of these strange times.

Happy 2023.


Thanks for reading.