The Butt-Hit-the-Ground Edition Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Time I Yoga-Balled An Apple Store Employee, by Jason Eckert

After all, keeping your butt balanced on a yoga ball also requires attention, and it’s challenging to get into a game while simultaneously focusing on yoga ball balance. Then – quite suddenly – my butt hit the ground hard and the yoga ball flew upwards and clocked an Apple store employee in the side of the head before being caught by a grinning kid.

Apple Hires Workers In India As It Looks To Open First Flagship Stores, by Patrick McGee, Financial Times

Apple has started hiring retail store workers in India and posted plans to fill many other roles as it prepares to open its first flagship locations in the world’s second biggest smartphone market as soon as this quarter.

On Friday, Apple’s career page listed openings for 12 different job functions it seeks to fill in “various locations within India,” including technical specialist, business expert, senior manager, store leader and “genius”.

Microsoft Is Adding OpenAI Writing Tech To Office, by Malcolm Owen, AppleInsider

According to a source with direct knowledge of Microsoft's plans speaking to The Information, Microsoft wants to incorporate artificial intelligence created by OpenAI into Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and other apps.

To users, this will give them the ability to flesh out a document with stretches of automatically-generated text, all based on a prompt. This can also include an AI-generated email, composed for the user depending on what they want to communicate to the recipient.

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That solves the mystery: many of my colleagues are from the future, with their AI-powered Microsoft Office. No wonder I have no idea what they are writing in their Word documents.



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