The Take-Action Edition Sunday, January 22, 2023

‘Homicide In Slow Motion’: Police Urged To Tackle Stalking Amid Rise Of Tracking Tech, by Brieanna Charlebois, The Canadian Press

Tracking technology, like AirTags, gives stalkers even more access to already vulnerable women, and her group is urging police to take all forms of harassment seriously, MacDougall said.

“In our work, we’ve seen that police are very resistant to wanting to take action on stalking. AirTags specifically are quite alarming (because) there’s very little, frankly, that survivors can do.”

Keychron Q1 Pro Review: Finally A Wireless & Metal Mechanical Keyboard, by Tyler Hayes, AppleInsider

It's great for large desks because its wireless feature won't clutter up the space or introduce problems with cable length.


But mostly, it's all these things combined, tied together with wireless connectivity that was the bow on top for us.

How Tertulia — New App For Book Lovers — Makes For Easy Reading, by Rikki Schlott, New York Post

Tertulia compiles book reviews, author interviews, broadcast mentions, podcasts, social media buzz, and prizes won by a book all into one place.

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