The Without-Evidence Edition Thursday, January 26, 2023

Everybody Panic: A Finder Bug, Since Fixed, Was Sending Empty API Calls To Apple, by Nick Heer, Pixel Envy

However, it is irresponsible of Paul to post such alarmist claims based on a tiny shred of evidence. Yes, mediaanalysisd was making an empty API call despite Siri Suggestions being switched off, and that is not good. But veering into a land of speculation in lieu of missing information is not productive, and neither is misrepresenting what little information has been provided. Paul says “Apple PR exploits poor reading comprehension ability”, yet his own incuriousity has produced a widely shared conspiracy theory that has no basis in fact. If you do not trust Apple’s statements or behaviour, I understand that perspective. I do not think blanket trust is helpful. At the same time, it is unwise to trust alarmist reports like these, either. These are extraordinary claims made without evidence, and they can be dismissed unless proven.

M2 Pro Vs M2 Max: It Comes Down To Memory–and Money, by Jason Snell, Macworld

So which will it be, Pro or Max? If your workflows are largely driven by CPU speed, the extra GPU cores of the M2 Max chips will not help you, making an M2 Pro a better buy. That is unless you need enormous amounts of very fast RAM, in which case, again, the M2 Max is a better choice. Video encoding will be faster on M2 Max, but perhaps not enough for it to justify the increased prices.

Apple Adjusts Trade-In Values For iPhones, Macs, And More, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

iPhone trade-in values decreased by up to $80, and most Android smartphones also went down. Mac trade-in values remained unchanged or increased by up to $40 depending on the model, while some Apple Watch models increased in value and others decreased.


Apple Brings Mainland Chinese Web Censorship To Hong Kong, by Sam Biddle, The Intercept

When Safari users in Hong Kong recently tried to load the popular code-sharing website GitLab, they received a strange warning instead: Apple’s browser was blocking the site for their own safety. The access was temporarily cut off thanks to Apple’s use of a Chinese corporate website blacklist, which resulted in the innocuous site being flagged as a purveyor of misinformation. Neither Tencent, the massive Chinese firm behind the web filter, nor Apple will say how or why the site was censored.

Apple Eases COVID-19 Policies To Encourage Returning To The Office, by Andrew Orr, AppleInsider

Apple is changing its corporate worker COVID-19 policy and will no longer require employees to get tested before entering the office.

Apple Fellow Phil Schiller Confirms He's Now On Mastodon After Deleting Twitter Account, by Filipe Espósito, 9to5Mac

9to5Mac has confirmed with Schiller himself that his Mastodon account is official.

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Putting a touchscreen on a Mac laptop seems like a solution (hey, we have extra touchscreens lying around) looking for a problem (hey, all the Windows people are doing it, and all the kids are touching our screens).

The problem, in my humble opinion, should be: how can we make the most portable Mac computer ever.

Apple did it once with the MacBook Air, and never tackle this problem again. It's about time to try new things.


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