The Music-and-Chatter Edition Friday, January 27, 2023

AirPods Are Earplugs Now, by Dan Seifert, The Verge

Now, I most often don’t listen to anything when wearing them. I’ll pop the AirPods or another noise-canceling earbud in my ears when sitting in a coffee shop where the music and chatter is too loud; I’ll wear them in my home office to cut the sound of my fan or air purifier. I’ll even use them when I’m sitting in my favorite chair reading a book so I’m not distracted by kids wreaking havoc a room over. I’m not playing music or a podcast or anything in those instances; I’m just wearing the AirPods with their noise-cancellation features enabled.


Things 3.17 Overhauls The App’s Shortcuts Actions, by John Voorhees, MacStories

Things 3.17 is out for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with greatly expanded support for Shortcuts. That opens up a much wider variety of possible automations than ever before.


First Use Of Apple Emergency SOS In B.C. May Have Saved Two Lives, by Hanna Petersen, Coast Reporter

The first use of the new Apple Emergency SOS via satellite in B.C. may have saved the lives of two women who were stranded in the wilderness near McBride.


“This is a game changer,” said Yochim. “They were able to activate the SOS reduced the search to a an exact location of where they were, so there was no search, and team actually drove in right to where they were and managed to save them.”

Quitting Social Media May Actually Help Calm Your Broken Online Brain, by Fjolla Arifi, BuzzFeed News

For some of the people we talked to, quitting one platform was enough to see an impact on self-esteem and an increase in IRL connection. Others deactivated from all social platforms, which they said helped to reduce their anxiety and depression.

Those who did return to the platforms said they minimized content consumption to allow for a better experience, including decreased levels of anxiety and increased self-esteem.

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My ears can always tell there are AirPods stuck in there. I have never experienced those moments where I suddenly realize my AirPods are still in my ears after stopping the music quite a while ago.

And so, if I have my AirPods in there, might as well listen to some audio entertainment.

I think that's how I will go deaf.


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