The Single-Platform Edition Sunday, January 29, 2023

Podcast Exclusivity Is Quickly Becoming An Outdated Strategy, by Tyler Aquilina, Variety

If it’s still too early to declare platform-exclusive podcast deals dead as we move into 2023, it’s becoming ever clearer that this business model is likely not long for this world.


For one thing, as the digital ad market continues to sag in the months ahead, competition for podcast ad dollars is going to intensify further — bad news for any creator whose show is limited to a single platform.

Pestle iOS Recipe App Gets Major Update With Smart Folders, PDF Scanning, And More, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Headlining the release is Smart Folders plus new ways to import recipe cards and cookbooks via PDF, existing images, and more.

Is The Age Of Unplugging On Planes Over?, by Natalie B. Compton, Washington Post

The sky is one of our last sanctuaries from the connected world. When WiFi is available on a flight, it’s usually unreliable or expensive, keeping most of us on airplane mode. Flying commercial forms a bubble away from the normal distractions of life, where we can focus uninterrupted on the important things, like watching an entire movie without looking at our phones.

Life in the clouds is a utopia free from email and conference calls, but advancements in technology are conspiring to end this untethered era.

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Last year, BBC moved some of its podcasts to its BBC Sounds app. Mind you, the BBC Sounds app is free. And, also, it is only for an exclusive window; I think after a few months, the episodes are then released as regular podcast episodes.

But, even then, I have cut down on the number of BBC podcasts I've subscribed in my podcast app. I already have one app for music, one app for podcasts, and one app for audiobooks. I'm not going to alter my habit to add another app to my audio entertainment unless it is really worthwhile.


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