The Not-Going-Anywhere Edition Thursday, February 9, 2023

What If... Apple's Next Big Thing Never Comes?, by Jason Snell, Macworld

History is littered with companies that were so big, so successful as to be unstoppable–but ended up becoming irrelevant, switching to weird business models, selling themselves off for parts, or going bankrupt.

Nothing lasts forever, and it’s likely that eventually, some future Apple will be so mismanaged that it will slide into irrelevance. But the success of the iPhone and the inevitability of the smartphone as a popular product–plus some canny investments in whatever is next–suggest to me that Apple’s not going anywhere for a very long time.


Halide's New Feature Lets You Take Virtual Telephoto Shots On Non-Pro iPhones, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

Halide 2.11 comes with a new feature called Neural Telephoto, which adds virtual lenses to the app’s interface that enhance details in shots by applying the same machine-learning that powers Halide’s macro mode.

Mujjo Classes Up AirPods Pro 2 With Echelon Leather Case, Adds Built-in Clip To First-gen Users, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Mujjo is out with its latest Apple accessory, this time for AirPods Pro. The Echelon leather case comes in multiple colors of premium leather with an integrated clip and works with both AirPods Pro 2 and the first generation.


Makers, by Matt Gemmell

For people who are makers, being perpetually involved in understanding and building and creating and expressing themselves, is often the only thing that makes life bearable.


Apple To Re-Release Revamped HomeKit Architecture In iOS 16.4, by Tim Hardwick, MacRumors

Apple in its upcoming iOS 16.4 update will re-introduce the revamped HomeKit architecture it originally pulled in December due to widespread issues, MacRumors can confirm.

Apple Names First People Officer, Shifting Role From Retail Head, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Apple Inc. is hiring its first chief people officer and shifting human resources duties from its head of retail, overhauling the way the tech giant hires and supports employees.

The company is naming Carol Surface to the new role, Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said in a memo to employees. That moves the responsibilities from Deirdre O’Brien, who has long run Apple’s human resources in addition to serving as its retail chief — a role she’ll continue to hold.

This Photo Of Lebron’s Record Should Be Apple's Next 'Shot On iPhone' Ad, by Michael Simon, Macworld

For the people who were there, some of whom paid as much as $75,000 for a seat, it was a moment in history they’ll never forget. Literally. As Lebron went up for what would be the record-breaking shot, everyone who was close enough whipped out their phones to record to moment. And nearly every one of those phones was an iPhone.

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Regulators coming in to dictate business models may not necessarily spell doom and gloom for Apple. In fact, typically when regulators start writing up pages and pages of rules for companies to follow, only big companies like Apple will have the resources to navigate the regulations.

Microsoft, for example, did not become irrelevant in the consumer market because of all the regulations dictating how to bundle web browsers in operating systems. It is really complacency after their Windows CE win over Palm causing them to take their eyes off Apple and Google, and their boneheaded and wrong Windows-everywhere strategy that did them in.


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