The Internal-Shuffling Edition Friday, February 10, 2023

Secrets Inside The non-Pro iPhone 14, by Tim Biggs, Sydney Morning Herald

While the iPhone 14 may look near identical to the iPhone 13 on the outside, it’s actually had a significant design overhaul, with benefits you might not immediately understand if comparing it with an older model. These include weight reductions, cheaper and easier repairability, and longer battery life. The iPhone 14 Plus lasts longer than any other iPhone, and the standard 14 models have better sustained performance than last year’s Pros, despite sharing the same chip, thanks to some internal shuffling.

Suddenly, Big Tech Wants In On The NFL, by Alex Kirshner, The Atlantic

When Rihanna walks, or is raised, or is lowered onto the Super Bowl stage on Sunday, she will not merely be kicking off the game’s halftime show. She will be culminating Rihanna’s Road to Halftime, presented by Apple Music. The world’s most valuable company is in the first year of a reported five-year, $250 million deal to sponsor one of the most watched live-music performances anywhere, which happens to fit between two halves of a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. For $50 million a year, a tech behemoth does not just want a good show. It also wants a music video with fans of all 32 NFL teams singing Rihanna’s hit “Stay.” It wants a 10-part streaming-radio series about the greatest Super Bowl halftime shows ever. And it wants to curate an “official collection of 32 playlists featuring the top songs that each NFL team listens to in the locker room, the weight room, and on game day.”


Apple Says iCloud Terms Can Be Accepted On Web After Viral Tweet, by Joe Rossignol, MacRumors

Apple today shared a new support document explaining how to accept iCloud terms and conditions for an Apple TV without owning an iPhone or iPad.

Why You Should Use Obsidian As A Journaling App, by Khamosh Pathak, Lifehacker

Obsidian is a powerful, complex knowledge base that you can take your time exploring. However, you can leave all that aside and focus on what makes Obsidian such a great notes app: the writing environment.

Remastered 'Myst Mobile' Game Now Available On iPhone And iPad, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

It has been 30 years since popular puzzle game Myst first came out, and to celebrate the anniversary, developer Cyan today announced the launch of a new remastered “Myst Mobile” game that is available for the iPhone and the iPad.


Apple Store Online In Turkey Goes Dark In Recognition Of Devastating Earthquakes, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Apple has turned its website dark in Turkey this week in recognition of the horrific earthquakes that struck the country on Monday. Apple has also confirmed that it is donating to relief and recovery efforts for Turkey, Syria, and anyone affected by these earthquakes.

Glasgow Apple Store Staff Make History As The First In The UK To Unionise, by Catriona Stewart, The Herald

This marks the first collective agreement with a trade union signed by Apple in the UK after the firm last year agreed to a voluntary recognition ballot after lengthy negotiations.

Staff joined the GMB union citing a wish to have greater power over pay negotiations and shift patterns, among other issues, and their action is believed to have influenced others at branches around Scotland and the UK to do similar.

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I remember playing Myst on my little old iMac Bondi Blue. It ran fine, I recall, but it wasn't fast, and the sound -- especially the voices in those little QuickTime videos -- wasn't clear. And if I remember correctly, there wasn't captions or subtitles then.

Now, there is a remastered Myst for iOS. And my iPad is too slow to even install the app.


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