The Engineering-Challenges Edition Monday, February 13, 2023

Apple’s Push Into Next-Generation Financial Services Hits Delays, by Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

[B]ut it’s clear that the financial push has proven more difficult than expected. I believe the delays to all four initiatives stem from engineering challenges, as well as work on a next-generation financial system that will support them.


I believe Apple will wait to see how the initial version of Pay Later performs before expanding it to higher transaction amounts. The service will rely on an in-house lending subsidiary, and it behooves Apple to see how that works before launching a more extensive offering with partners and interest rates.

The Apps Getting Your Wardrobe Back Under Control, by Anne Cassidy, BBC

Via the app, garments are scanned, identified and stored virtually. Then the app can remind you of everything you own, with the hope of getting unworn clothes back into use.

It also connects people to local services such as a dry cleaners, places where they can donate no longer wanted items, and repair and alteration shops to extend the life of their garments.

Woman With Unusual Name Keeps Setting Off 'Alexa' And 'Siri' Devices At Work, by Florence Freeman, Daily Mirror

Alexa Seary, 27, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, whose surname is pronounced as 'Siri', says her Amazon Echo and Apple products constantly go off during online meetings when her name is announced.


Alexa now uses her name as an icebreaker and sees it as a positive thing rather than annoying.

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I am still not convinced that Apple should get into selling financial services. From where I can see, Apple has not really make any substancial better products than competitors, and it doesn't seem like it will do so anytime soon.


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