The Clicky-Buttons Edition Sunday, February 19, 2023

Apple, Please Don’t Take All Of The Buttons Away, by Allison Johnson, The Verge

For starters, there’s just no haptic button that feels as good or reassuringly clicky as a physical button. This is a completely objective observation based on data gathered by one individual: me, a person who has been pressing buttons for several decades. They rule.

Apple's AR Headset Will Arrive Right On Time, Even If It's Late, by David Price, Macworld

Then again, I’d rather wait than see a rushed product, and if the engineers can’t iron out the problems I’m happy to miss out entirely. The thing that separates Apple from other tech companies is its greater willingness to say the most important word in business: no. And its ability, most of the time, to ignore pressure to ship prematurely… no matter where it comes from.


Union Push To Tear Up Apple Pay Deal It Claims Sent Workers Backwards, by Angus Thompson and Nick Bonyhady, The Age

A Retail and Fast Food Workers Union analysis submitted to the workplace umpire as part of its bid to scrap Apple stores’ 2014 enterprise agreement argues most staff would enjoy more workplace rights – including better weekend pay and rostering – on default industry pay rules.


In a separate email to staff obtained by this masthead, Apple management said it disagreed with the union’s application.

“Apple pays its team members significantly higher minimum hourly rates of pay than the base rates of pay under the retail award, and provides many benefits and programs that are not available under the award,” the email reads.

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So, now is not the right time to wish Apple will put a dedicated iPod-like play/pause button on the next iPhone, is it?


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